Forex Trading Opportunities for 2017

Forex Trading Opportunities

Dear Platinum Traders,

Welcome to 2017.

This year brings significant events and Forex Trading Opportunities that we would like to share with you. We will be releasing many new premium financial reports and Forex trading opportunities for 2017. 

Our Team this year is growing bigger and stronger.

We now have a team of eight Financial Market Analysts that will be achieving the Forex Trading targets for Platinum Trading Academy. Our analysts have written a series of articles with their forecasts for the coming year on major currency pairs and the Central Banks.

Forex Trading Opportunities with Platinum’s Forex Trading Roadmap for 2017

Several events in 2017 will create substantial Forex trading opportunities for large gains. Here are the top three scenarios that will dominate Forex Trading in 2017:

1. The Dollar Bull Run

After several years of ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) by the Federal Reserve which initially ended on December 2015, there was no continuation of the increase in interest rates for a full 11 months. On December 14th, 2016, the Federal Reserve made a move as promised and increased the rates by 25 basis points and are at least expecting three more increases in 2017. Alongside the first 100 days of Trump, we at Platinum see an extensive US Dollar rally in the first quarter.

Forex Trading Opportunities 
  • Click on the chart for details on Platinum’s Dollar Super Bull Prediction for 2017.
  • Download a version of Meta Trader which has the dollar index instrument the trade market symbol is USD/USX.
  • Plot your Fibonacci levels in accordance with Platinum Principles. Remember the magic level is 38.2 % Retracement which is generally used by financial institutions as Stop Hunt Levels.
  • Remember while trading the Dollar index, the only recommended to trade in inverse is the EUR/USD pair.

We understand that the dollar has already moved quite substantially and we are sitting at a 14-year high, but we cannot at all ignore the market rumours of a Trillion Dollar Stimulus programme and this could see and aggressive Bull Run on the US dollar.

Key Levels on the Dollar Index to look for:

  • 103.60
  • 100.50
  • 99.15
  • 97.73
  • 96.20

2. USD/JPY with a target of 128

Platinum analysts are expecting the yen to be one of the least performing currencies in the G10 in 2017. It might push weaker by another 1000 pips taking the currency to around the 128 level.

What supports our analysis is as follows:

  • The Bank of Japan has indicated in previous meetings about their neutral policy on changing the 10-year bond yields.
  • Rising Global Inflation will further weaken the Yen due to a better return on yields in other countries.
  • With rising Global pressure, the bank of Japan’s Yield Curve strategy will leave the Yen vulnerable which will again result in weakening it to the +125 level.

We believe that if the interest rates will rise to 1% in 2017, this will support the Dollar bull move and this will have a direct impact on the Yen thereby creating good Forex trading opportunities.

3. A 500 pip move on the Euro parity hit

At Platinum, we analyse trades with fundamental, technical and logical analysis to create forex trading opportunities. At this point, the Euro is on course to hit parity with the dollar for the first time in more than 14 years.

The strength of the greenback is based on the assumption of the dollar bull wave which will have an inverse effect on the Euro. The Euro has so many fundamental issues and top this up to the extension of quantitative easing from March to June 2017, it will result in over 2 trillion Euros being purchased to enhance the dire state of the Eurozone which is now facing unemployment levels of more than 9%. Finally, we should remember that the Euro zone’s inflation rate is at a mere 0.6%.

All of these are very compelling reasons to trade the Euro and make a clear 500 pips.

Key Eurozone agenda items on the horizon for 2017:

  • JANUARY 29th: – FRANCE: Socialist Primary Elections.
  • FEBRUARY 12th: – GERMANY: Presidential Elections.
  • MARCH 15th: – HOLLAND: Parliamentary Elections.
  • MARCH 26th: – GERMANY: Regional Elections.
  • APRIL 23rd: – FRANCE: Presidential Elections.
  • JUNE 18th: – FRANCE: General Elections.

There are no doubts that you will see rallies in the Euro, but this does not mean they will be sustained. We will be Bearish on the Euro for the 1st quarter and be looking at a ratio of 70/30 on short positions vs long positions.

“A goal without a plan is just a dream” ~ Dave Ramsey

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