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The Trading Challenge

Challenges are a part of trading. Fighting against a market is a passion of Nirav Shah. One of the Challenges that our CEO at Platinum took on was the £10,000 Challenge, which was live in front of a camera team who filmed it all. A part of our history not to be missed, where you can see how Nirav made £12,000 in under 3 and a half days with his expertise in trading the Financial Markets.

The NYSE Live Trading Challenge

Nirav Shah developed a trading system with a team of 10 Developers, and his Head Developer ‘Gosta Hulden’ from Switzerland. The system cost £500,000 to develop and was challenged by 5 of the New York Stock Exchange’s Finest Traders. Nirav traded live in front of these renowned traders and proved that the trading system, with just two major strategies, had the ability to not only tell you major reversal levels in any given conditions, but make pips with consistency.

The Million Dollar Challenge

Cryptocurrencies took the markets by storm in 2017, and Nirav Shah was facing some major challenges in his personal life and turned his situation into positivity by taking ‘The Million Dollar Challenge’ in cryptocurrency trading. He completed the Challenge within just 247 Days not just by buying and holding cryptocurrencies but trading them live. This year he could turn you into a Cryptonaire. Watch and find out more!

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