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About Us

Our History and Philosophy

Platinum Trading Academy provides a comprehensive trading solution and forex trading courses in the UK and around 17 countries in the world for any individual who would like to become a professional forex trader or a financial trader able to trade the world’s most liquid market which is open 24 hours a day.

Whether a relative beginner or a more experienced trader, we provide a total solution to understanding and trading the forex market.

Platinum's online trading academy is the first of its kind, providing a private forex mentor to your virtual doorstep as we do not believe in seminar and webinar training. Learn to trade Forex, Indices, Stocks, and Shares from professional traders, our training courses show you global strategies that are being used by financial institutions and hedge funds from around the world. Our Premium Stock trading courses cover the stock markets and major principles of risk management.

The Platinum Methodology encompasses Platinum’s unique confluence matrix, a definitive in-depth technical analysis programme, step by step mentoring and the Platinum Live Trading Floor. We have an extensive array of support from our Customer Service Team, to 24-hour support to help you gain the necessary skills and confidence to trade more effectively, and produce consistent results.

Our History

Our Trading Courses can be taken not only in the UK but from about 17 countries in the world. The Platinum Team is well versed with over 50 years of experience in the foreign exchange markets and have made the courses suitable for all investors.

Our concepts were first used by Financial Trading Institutions and Forex Brokers as a trading tool to promote more disciplined trading. The popularity and more importantly the success of the analytics prompted the development of the Platinum Trading System for use by individual Forex traders in the financial market to buy and sell currency pairs with our precision trading principle. This system can now be used to trade Forex, Indices, and Commodities.

The concept for the trading system and strategies was a collaborative effort in 2009 between a number of successful professional and institutional traders with over 50 years of combined experience. This culminated with the establishment of the Platinum Trading System in 2009.

After speaking with lots of traders in the retail market, we came to understand that they are taught to be time-frame and indicator dependent. This flies in the face of what each Institutional trader is taught before they start to trade, and we at Platinum have chosen to share our knowledge with Retail traders to show them how the world of trading really works, and to help them implement these changes to help them succeed and fulfil their aspirations of becoming professional traders.

Since the development of the unique confluence matrix, Platinum has grown and developed to its present-day status and continues to innovate and develop to bring the latest methods and technological breakthroughs to turn the retail trader into an institutional trader through our forex trading courses.

Platinum timeline

Our Philosophy

Over the years, many traders have come and gone but the successful ones have a number of common traits – They are organized, disciplined, patient and they all have a trading plan. Our number one goal is to make sure our Platinum client is successful in the world of currency trading. Once you join Platinum you are a member client for life. We built our company on honesty and integrity, which all started with making sure that with our forex trading courses the client gets the highest level of coaching, Institutional level technical analysis and a level of care that is unheard of in the world of finance.

The Forex market is a 5.7 trillion dollar market, and we want to show our clients how they can take a share of that 5.7 trillion dollar market so they can live a life on their terms and follow their own passion.

If you are new to trading, we will teach you how to buy and sell currencies in real time and become a successful trader. Remember that you need to understand the risks involved in trading financial instruments. We urge individuals who wish to learn to trade to take our free forex course where we shall give you a demo account and a trading platform to eliminate the risk of losses and taking high-risk trades, through implementing trading strategies so you can fully understand the risk. We want to ensure your success this year and beyond by helping you learn to trade the right way!