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Fund Management Programme

The Platinum Fund Management Course has been exclusively designed by Platinum’s CEO and professional trader, Nirav Shah.

The Platinum Elite Trader Programme is designed to

Take your trading professional to the elite trader level; the elite trader course has been designed to allow you to access fully fledged Institutional trading strategies that each bank trader is equipped with and uses to trade and analyze the markets. This Forex Trading Education package offered by Platinum Trading Academy will enable you to understand fully how the investment banks operate in the markets; Designed by Nirav Shah and Platinum’s senior traders to guide retail traders through to an elite trader level. This elite trader programme carries on from where the Master Programme finishes, and takes you deeper into the attributes of a thorough-bred professional trader, further into technical analysis techniques and gives you the ability to call yourself a full-time professional trader.

The Platinum Elite Trader Programme is carefully designed to transform your perceptions and guide you into the mindset of a full-time professional trader. When you sign up for a Platinum programme, you become a Platinum member for life. We are there to help and support you with the right advice to help you succeed.

Trading the markets is not about strategies or indicators. It’s the development of the elite trader mindset; adopting a professional trader methodology that can potentially elevate you to the life you want.

Trading Workshop

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The Fund management course will guide you step by step to a level of Forex excellence, where you can create and manage your very own private hedge fund.

This programme will specifically train you to think, act and trade like a professional fund manager. With 15 years of trading experience behind him, Nirav will explain to you the all important aspects of successful management of your very own fund:

  • Advanced charting techniques
  • Market cap analysis
  • The importance of institutional order flow
  • How timeframes don’t exist at the institutional level
  • Advanced risk management techniques and how to allocate risk across multiple client funds
  • Co-relationships between different currencies and different markets

Fund management course

  • Advanced fundamentals
  • 18 one to one personalised mentoring sessions
  • 2 one to one mentoring sessions with Nirav Shah equalling 20 sessions in total
  • One group live trading morning with Nirav Shah
  • One group live boot camp
  • Becoming F.C.A regulated
  • Introduction to Brokers

Trading as a Fund Manager requires a very different mindset to that of trading your own money. It isn’t for everyone.

The Platinum criteria ensures that only the highest achievers join the Fund Management Course.

A personal interview is held to ascertain you have the right mindset and commitment to join the exclusive Fund Management Course.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out what you’re supposed to do with your life”