live trading floor

The Live Trading Floor

A Definitive resource to become a Forex Master

The Live Trading Floor will be your daily window into the minds of our most senior traders; it will be your one stop shop for our analysis both fundamental and technical of the Forex and Commodity markets. The Live Trading Floor is updated every morning so our member clients can view our thoughts on the markets. They have access to the same trades we will be looking at on a personal basis, complete with stop loss and take profit targets, Since July 2014 our members have seen thousands of pips from this information

  • You will also find such useful tools as the important trading zones of the day to be used in conjunction with the Platinum Algorithmic System
  • Regular updates of the psychology and what it takes to be a winning trader
  • Our daily and longer-term analysis of the 12 currency pairs and commodities we provide analysis for on our system
  • Live Institutional News Feed
  • Charts provided with reasoning behind why we are looking at particular trade set ups
  • Bloomberg Live TV
  • & Much more