Forex Elite Trading Programme

Traders who wish to trade full-time; Traders who want to develop fund management skills.

The Elite Trading Programme focuses on perfecting strategies, developing reduced risk when trading and aims to solve a trader’s current performance issues, whilst developing greater depth and understanding of the markets.

If you’re a trader who wants to reach the epitome of this field by successfully managing funds, and access fully-fledged Institutional Forex strategies that bank traders are equipped with, then this is the course for you.

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    "First of all a Big Thank You to Mr Steven for introducing me to PTA, for his excellent evaluation of my needs, and for his smart decision to present me to Mr Russell. I will miss Mr Russell's classes so straight to the point, always being ahead of aspects needing to be bettered in my trading. His mentoring has put the order to my knowledge and showed me the clear path to successful trading. It was a real privilege and pleasure to be his "alumna", and I return daily to review his lessons. And a Big Thank You to all PTA the team for such a useful and practical Trading Floor where I feel at home"

    "I have been trading the financial markets since 2009 and have not had any consistency in trading as I have learn all the wrong methods. After Joining Platinum and under the guidance of the Platinum Team. I learnt that times frames do not exist and now am a full time trader and have nearly recouped all the money I spent on learning fx in just 9 months. Absolutely amazing."

    "Platinum deliver what they promise, they support you and provide you with expert guidance, I have been trading with Platinum for 9 months now hence the reason for my testimonial. I have found the training and support absolutely brilliant. I have used a number other types of training and software courses, some from around the world, but have found Platinum by far the best. They deliver what they promise. This is the only firm I have found that really does support you on a one to one basis and for me this will be my means to a retirement plan. Thank you Platinum for all your support."

    "I joined Platinum around 3 months ago and my trading has been consistent ever since, not only do they provide first class education but excellent analysis too. I am up almost £5,000 in 3 months thank to them. Something i would never have dreamed of making without their help."

    "I would first like to thank everyone at the platinum trading academy for all there help over the last few months, from the sales team to the session mentors who have been so helpful. My mentor has been fantastic and has given me so much confidence to delve into the world of trading, his positive attitude and outlook made it an absolute pleasure to learn from. I would absolutely recommend Platinum trading to anyone looking to enter the market as they teach you at a level and pace that fits around your capabilities. Many thanks"

    "Having completed many Forex courses previously, I found the mentoring I received with Platinum to be invaluable. The Platinum strategies and the algorithm have helped to make me a much better trader."

    "I have been with Platinum Trading Academy for about 12 months now, I didn’t want to write a review until I had seen a true data sample of my trades using the strategies and techniques taught. The last 12 months I have retuned 55% on my initial investment into a live trading account! I am incredibly happy with this return as my risk was very low with an extremely low drawdown on my account. The price of the course may seem a lot at the start, but you get what you pay for in this case. If you want a truly professional forex mentor to teach you then it comes at a premium, but with fantastic results at the end of it. I would highly recommend to those who are looking for a trading course whether a beginner or intermediate."

    "I don’t usually write reviews but I felt like I had to thank my Mentor Russell for all of his guidance, I’ve never had this level of training before. If you want to learn how to trade, then Platinum is the right fit for you. Their forex trading strategies are easy to follow and use on the market. Thanks again to the guys at Platinum. "

    "I had to previously stop trading due to my losses, but i felt i wanted to start and thought where better then with a professional trading education. They have truly opened my eyes to trading professionally and provided me with all the abilities to do so."

    "Platinum Trading Academy is an excellent education service with professional mentors and traders who genuinely care whether we succeed. They have supported me throughout my training and have even given me support after i had completed my training. The one to one support is really what sold me and is the true key to learning successfully."

    "My biggest achievement in trading is joining Platinum as i had tried everything before, i had used every indicator out there and experimented with timeframes but nothing worked. Once i joined Platinum trading was made clear and easy to understand. The best decision i have made in my trading career. Would recommend anyone looking to trade correctly to come and join Platinum Trading Academy."

    "My mentor has been fantastic and has given me so much confidence with my trading. After being very skeptical in investing with Platinum, I was made to feel welcome. Having finished 10 one to one sessions, I have doubled my demo account and now ready to start going live. The Platinum Trading Academy has given me the confidence to do this. Recommended to various friends."

    "I found Platinum’s Online trading academy is a great experience, I’ve been on 1 and 2 day courses in the past. Platinum is nothing like that, they have a weekly set up with you and a forex mentor to go through new analysis topics and feedback on trades. It was a well-structured plan and I feel like I can approach the markets with a better understanding."

    "Forex trading is tough, I know it from trying to do it for so many years. I had been following the Platinum Trading Academy for a couple of years and finally took the plunge into their program this year. I have to say the mentoring and teaching is ideal for me, I work full time so needed it to work around my job. The forex mentors personalised their teaching to me which now allows me to do analysis and trade around my job to bring me in healthy returns. The last 6 months have returned 40% on my capital, I’m astounded as I was breaking even and making losses for so long before this."

    "I took the option of the forex master’s program with Platinum, the fee isn’t small but it was well worth it. The personal mentors helped me learn from scratch, it’s a great beginner trading course as well as an advanced one. Learn how to trade like the institutions is Platinum’s motto and they certainly do what they say!"

    Who is this Trading Course for?

    This course is designed to not only develop your understanding of the critical principles of risk management, money management, trading psychology, and how to use fundamentals to increase your trading expertise, but its focus is to ensure you can execute your trading confidently and consistently with the highest levels of profitability with under 1% risk!

    The Elite Trader Programme is a bespoke offering that is tailored for you as an individual trader, the management and the delivery of the course is designed to accommodate all types of busy schedules.

    This is the only course Platinum Trading Academy offers that will provide you with direct mentorship from Nirav Shah our CEO and lead Fund Manager. Mr Shah, who has over 15 years of commercial trading experience, will take you through the subtle nuances of trading the Financial Markets which will undoubtedly provide you with the skills to increase your trading profits and lower your trading risk!

    The Elite Trading Programme Goals:

    • To ensure you’re proficient and highly skilled at Advanced Charting
    • To ensure you understand and can take advantage of Institutional Order Flow
    • To confirm & develop a consistent & profitable trading plan to follow, developing into fund management techniques


    An all-inclusive professional trading academy with a proven track record that gives you the following advantages:

    • A Live Trading Floor that is updated prior to the London Trading Session at 8:00 GMT
    • A Personal Forex Mentor that trains you for the whole year with a minimum trading experience of 7 years.
    • An Algorithmic Forex Trading System which has taken 3 years to develop with several trading strategies used by professional traders.
    • A Fundamental News SMS Service and a Forex Signal Service which will tell you when to take trades, when to come out of trades, and when to stop trading entirely!
    • We have our Platinum Trading Television service which is a Live Trading Forex Webinar every morning at 8:00 GMT to keep you ahead of the financial markets.

    Why Trade Forex?

    The Skills Necessary to Trade with Absolute Confidence:

    • Advanced Forex Trading Strategies
    • Forex News Trading Strategies used by Banks
    • Seasonal Analysis and Strategies used by Hedge Funds
    • Money Management and Hedging Strategies
    • Advanced Forex Technical Analysis
    • How to use Commodities and Indices to Predict Currency Moves
    • Creating Automated Forex Trading Strategies
    • How to Trade all Major and Minor Trading Sessions
    • Predict the Price of Currencies with our Currency Intelligence Map
    • Master the Art of the Platinum Forex Trading System

    The Online Trading Floor:

    To assist you in your journey of learning to Trade Professionally, our Online Trading Floor has the following:

    • Live Forex News and Market Updates for Forex, Commodities, and Indices
    • Fundamental Forex Analysis on 12 Major Currency Pairs
    • Technical Analysis on 6 Major Currency Pairs, as well as Commodities, and Indices
    • Trading Opportunities on 12 Major Currency Pairs
    • The Platinum Trading Methodology, to ensure you trade the Foreign Exchange Market with success
    • Updates on all Live Forex Trades
    • Market Caps – Institutional Buying and Selling levels.

    Platinum Trading Television:

    Live Forex Signals delivered to you on the London Open

    Learn to trade with 12 professional traders in the Financial Markets, with a combined
    experience of over 60 years, who deliver the best forex trading signals to you via our Live Forex Trading Webinar.

    Platinum Trading Television was constructed to help our clients maximise their trading
    opportunities and pip gains. PTV is a Live and Interactive Forex Webinar presented every morning by our team of professional traders, delivering the most up-to-date and relevant Market Reports, Fundamental Events, Charts, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies, Trading Levels, Trade Opportunities, Trade Roundups and much more. Nowhere else will you receive such cutting-edge insights into the Forex Markets.

    Platinum Trading Television is a unique and invaluable tool that can help you turn your trading desk into a fully-functioning and professional trade station.

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    Dedicated access to our CEO Nirav Shah to help develop your skills

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    Fund Management Techniques and Strategies

    Focus on Profitability and How to Allocate Risk across Multiple Funds

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    Advanced Trading Skills

    Technical Charting, Fundamental Analysis and Mastering Strategy Implementation.

    A Fully Qualified Team of Analysts That Provide You With:

    • Fundamental Analysis
    • Technical Analysis
    • Longer Term Trades with a Risk Reward of 1:5
    • Shorter Term Trades with a Risk Reward of 1:1
    • Logical Reasoning for Every Single Trade Taken
    • A Technical and Fundamental Review of the Previous Week
    • Important News Events & What to Bear in Mind When Trading
    • Technical Educational Articles to Teach You How to Deal with Different Trading Seasons

    The Elite Journey

    Module 1

    • PART 1: Fundamental Currency Move Calculations
    • PART 2: Building the Perfect Formular fot Longer Term Trades
    • PART 3: Understanding Price Action Point of Control and How to Trade It

    Module 2

    • PART 4: How to Calculate Currency Prices at Any Given Time of the Day
    • PART 5: Inverse Head and Shoulders Conversion to Double Top & Bottom
    • PART 6: Trading Intervention Pairs and the Timing & Reasons of their Movements

    Module 3

    • PART 7: Understanding the London Open & How to Trade it
    • PART 8: Trap Range Creation & How to Determine Accumulation of Distribution
    • PART 9: Scannung Currency Charts & Finding Opportunities Based on Volume

    Module 4

    • PART 10: The Importance of Seasonal Analysis and Plotting Live Trades
    • PART 11: Live Trading Session and Test of Performance – Day 1
    • PART 12: Live Trading Session and Test of Performance – Day 2

    Elite Trading Programme

    This course is designed for traders who want to reach the pinnacle of trading success, to develop and manage funds whilst also looking at the overall picture of developing financial freedom and the lifestyle you want!

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