Platinum’s Forex Foundation

Platinum’s forex foundation programme is essential for the beginner trader. it’s your online resource for the world of forex for beginners

Forex Trading For Beginners

The ultimate start to your forex trading journey

Earning Opportunities In The Forex Markets

Buy, sell, exchange, and speculate on currencies
Why Trade In Forex Markets?
  • The world’s largest – $5 trillion – market
  • 365x24x7 trading on-the-go
  • Trade 10x more money than in your bank account
  • Significant liquidity benefits
  • High volatility provides huge trading opportunities
  • Profit daily on a consistent basis
  • No trading or brokerage fees and no commissions
How Can You Benefit From Forex Trading?
  • Create a secondary income source
  • Be your own boss
  • Achieve financial stability
  • Plan your retirement fund
  • Scale your business up or down
  • Secure your future

Why trade forex

Why Forex Trading is beneficial and how it can help you on your journey to financial freedom

  • Secondary Income Source
  • Financial Stability
  • Retirement Fund
  • More Time with Family
  • Secure Future
  • Follow the Right Path to Success

Forex Trading Tutorial

The bespoke online tutorial to Learn Forex Trading For Beginners, covering the major Forex principles

  • What is Forex trading
  • Forex Principles
  • Forex trading examples
  • Forex trading charts
  • Forex technical analysis
  • Forex Risk management
  • Psychology of forex trading

The Platinum Forex Foundation Programme

Systematic and organized planning of your forex trading career to scale new heights

The Platinum Trading Academy Foundation Course is a must for anyone starting their journey into the world of financial trading. Our foundation course has been sympathetically put together to ensure simplicity and ease of learning.


Our team here at Platinum has a wealth of knowledge in the financial market with a combined experience of over 45 years and it’s with the support and guidance of this team you shall begin your career as a financial trader.

The foundation course will cover all the basics of becoming a trader giving an unprecedented look into the closely guarded secrets of the banks!

In this course, you shall learn everything from risk management & money management all the way to basic charting.

Once you become a Platinum Trader there is no going back, take a look at exactly what is included step by step in this comprehensive educational package.

How the Platinum methodology fits together to give the whole package which will take you from the retail trader to professional trader

About the course

  • What is Forex trading
  • Am I able to be a Forex trader?
  • How do I make money from Forex trading?
  • Can I fit Forex trading around my current life?

The Platinum Forex Foundation Course is specifically designed to meet every need of an aspiring beginner trader who wants to learn forex trading and to understand what Forex Trading is. Covering the fundamental principles of forex trading, this foundation course will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the markets. The forex trading for beginnerscourse is designed to empower budding traders, providing the right information to help you progress in the highly rewarding world of currency trading.

The Platinum Forex Foundation Course is an online tutorial course, meaning, you aren’t pressured to complete it, you can work through it at your own pace. When you sign up for the online programme of Forex Trading For Beginners, you will be provided with unique log-in details, and You will receive an exclusive one-to-one coaching session with an experienced Platinum Trader Mentor, who will guide you through the highly lucrative world of Forex trading, and share with you the many success stories within the markets. You too can be a success in this ever-growing forex trade market and live the life you always dreamt about!

Exclusive 1-2-1 Session

A personalised session with a dedicated proven and professional trader/mentor to discuss your needs and goals.

Let’s enhance or develop a roadmap customized to guide You on Your journey of becoming a consistently profitable trader.


Live Trade Floor Access

Live Demonstration of our state of the art Trading System and Trading Floor which has a verified 78% success rate.

We will also share with you 5 key trading strategies  that have been proven to produce more than 7000 pips a year. Learn how the Banks make millions every single day!

Tips on Trade Opportunities

We will suggest two top trades for You in the coming weeks and how to trade upcoming fundamental events.

For a limited time only, qualified candidates will receive two day free access to Platinum Trading Television’s Daily Webinars and the Platinum Live Trading Floor.

Learn more about how our foundation programme can help you start with your forex journey.

Full Support from the Platinum Team

  • 24X7 Forex Trading Support
  • Get all your Fx Queries Solved
  • Ask us, No need to second guess
  • Trading System Full Support
  • Support on How to Read Technical Charts
  • Get Full Support from your Personal Mentor
  • Get Trading Tips updated on your System Floor every morning

Special Session with CEO to Prep you for the Next Level

Nirav Shah has been a professional trader since 2001. His keen interest in the financial markets was passed down from his father who worked for one of London’s most prestigious stock brokers. He comes from a family of traders that have worked for institutions such as ICAP, Bank Of America and Citibank.


Nirav Shah’s Trading Algorithm

In 2008 Nirav started developing his algorithm after an indepth study along side 3 other Institutional Traders and for 2 years he spent well over £500,000 in his research and development to create an alogrithm that would actually study 18 indicators and combine them with an institutional orders flow. This is how Platinum Trading Systems was founded and with this came Platinum Trading Academy.

Nirav Shah’s Philosophy

Nirav’s trading philosophy is one of low risk, high probability trading, a style that is very patient and disciplined but brings great rewards. He is now willing to share his vast experience with anybody who is open minded enough to learn how to trade professionally.

Platinum Trading Academy is also a partner in charity with Kiva alongside HP, Deutchse bank, Ernst and Young, Pearson’s and Moodys.


"I have to say I had my reservations before coming on board, but they have all been answered which I am happy to report back on. The Platinum Online Trading Academy has been very professional, the trading strategies are relatively simple to implement and am currently trading around a full time job. "


"I’ve been learning how to trade forex with Platinum now for 3 months, my mentoring is still going and having weekly check ins with my forex mentor. The weekly appointments are really helpful and done online so I can do them from the office or home. Used both the swing trading and day trading strategies whilst working full time."


"The trading analysis has been superb along with the professional forex mentors has been a smooth experience so far. I’m now earning a part time income and enjoying each day doing my own analysis and making trades."


"If you are looking to learn how to trade forex like a professional, these are the guys to go with. Some really in-depth teaching as well and analysis on the forex market. Really enjoying my time here so far!"


"The forex training and forex analysis Platinum have provided to me so far has been very good, I have been on aboard now for 4 months and have already introduced 2 friends which have joined too."



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