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What are the Benefits of Taking a Forex Trade Course?

Deciding whether to take part in the Forex markets as a trader is completely your own decision, but bear in mind that even if you’re one of the smallest players out there, you can still find it to be profitable, and therefore beneficial. If you have made your mind up to take advantage of the benefits that FX trading has to offer, it is well worth your while investing in a Forex trade course to kickstart your trading career.

Regardless of your level of understanding of the ins and outs of the trade and foreign exchange currency markets, you’ll fit right into our programme, as we offer what’s considered to be the best Forex trading course for beginners anywhere. The Forex Trading Course offered to beginners by the Platinum Trading Academy is specifically designed to jumpstart your journey into the world of Forex trading. As we go along, you’ll learn to trade Forex with our Institutional Forex Trading Mentors who are skilled in teaching traders at novice level and setting them on the road to profitability. As an added perk, this online Forex trading course can be implemented from the comfort of your own home and with a private Forex Mentor, who you can approach directly for step-by-step support for a period of 12 months after signing up. You can learn Forex trading in real-time and with the flexibility of booking your Forex tutorials at your own pace. To provide you with the opportunity to learn from experience, we’ll also open a free demo account so you can apply all the strategies and techniques that you will learn on our Forex for Beginners course.

The areas that we will cover include:

  • What is Forex?
  • How to Start Forex Trading
  • Learn to Trade Forex News Events
  • Basics of Forex Analysis
  • Setting up your Forex Trading System
  • Placing Live Trades on your First Demo Account
  • Forex Strategies used by Banks
  • Forex Trading Plan
  • Forex Trading Live with your Mentor

Platinum Foundation package

If you’re someone who wants to try trading alongside their main profession, this course is a must-have. It’s equally essential for anyone who is either just starting their journey into the world of financial trading or looking to improve their current trading performance and grow their current income even further. This Forex Trading Course has been expertly put together to ensure both simplicity and ease of learning, at a time that’s convenient for you, fitted in around your already-busy schedule. The Forex Masters Course will cover all areas of trading, from technical analysis to the fundamental understanding of the Financial Markets. The primary goal of this course is to ensure that you’re able to experience success when you trade for just 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. You will also learn everything from risk management and money management to how to use our trading system, as well as gaining knowledge on how to read the markets from a technical and fundamental perspective. If you’re currently into trading but are looking for consistency and profitability, then this is the course for you. Here at the Platinum Trading Academy, we will work with you to refine your approach, develop your skill, and gear you up towards becoming a successful and profitable trader. This is also an online trading course, which means that you can work through it at your own pace. Once you register, you’ll be provided with unique log-in details and receive your exclusive one-to-one coaching sessions with your Platinum Mentor - in the comfort of your own home! The Platinum Methodology fits together seamlessly if you’re looking to trade in the time margins around your main profession, and will allow you to develop a consistently profitable experience as a trader in the Financial Markets.

The advantages you’ll get from taking this course include:

  • Live Forex Trading Floor
  • Private Mentor Providing One to One Training
  • Forex Trading System for 12 Currency Pairs
  • Forex Strategies for Extreme Scalping
  • Institutional Forex Trading Strategies
  • Money Management Techniques
  • Trade the London Open Live with our Daily FX Webinars
  • Forex Signals via Platinum SMS Alerts
  • 10 Private Currency Trading Tutorials

You’ll also learn Advanced Forex Trading Strategies; the Forex News Trading Strategies used by banks; Seasonal Analysis and Strategies used by hedge funds; Money Management And Hedging Strategies; and advanced Forex Technical Analysis, as well as how to use Commodities and Indices to predict Currency Moves; how to create automated Forex Trading strategies; how to predict the price of currencies through our Currency Intelligence Map; and how to trade all major and minor trading sessions. These modules cover every skill necessary to be able to trade with absolute confidence. Once you complete this Forex Master’s Course, you’ll be given a live trading account with a start-up fund of £10,000. Get in touch with us now to learn more. Your journey to a consistently profitable trading career starts here and now!

Platinum Trading Academy Master’s Course

The Hedge fund Management Course is designed to take your Forex trading to an Elite Trader level. This forex trading course has been designed to allow you to access fully-fledged Institutional Forex strategies that bank traders are equipped with and use to trade and analyse the foreign exchange market. This course will enable you to fully understand how Investment Banks operate in the market; Designed by Institutional Forex traders to guide retail traders through to an Elite trader level, taking you deeper into the attributes of a professional trader, further into Technical Analysis Techniques, allowing you to take yourself into the financial world as a full-time professional trader.

Below are a few areas we will cover:

  • Advanced Charting Techniques
  • Forex Strategies to Analyse Market Caps
  • The Importance of Institutional Order Flow
  • How Time Frames don’t Exist at the Institutional Level
  • Advanced Money Management Techniques
  • How to Allocate Risk across Multiple Funds
  • Co-relationships between Different Currencies, Commodities and Indices
  • Advanced Economic News Trading

Platinum Trading Academy Elite Course

Learning from the #1 Mentoring Organisation in the world, The Platinum Group, led by Nirav Shah and his team will not only develop your trading skills, but will guide you to maximise all areas of revenue generation, creating passive income ideas that you never considered! This program will unravel the mystery of creating consistent growth, singling out your urgent opportunities, and compiling your plan to increase your income. This program is pledged to be the most all-inclusive and effective event in your life! Not only will you learn to create new and successful revenue streams, but you’ll also learn the temperament, and attitude to succeed in almost all areas of life!

Below are a few areas we will cover:

  • The Dimension Theory Of Freeing Yourself From The 9-to-5 In 95 Days
  • Change Of Perception And Wealth Creation
  • Generation X – Master The Financial And Crypto Markets
  • Build A New Revenue Stream
  • The Battle Plan: Reaching Your First 100K
  • The 90 Day Challenge – Mentoring You To Successes
  • Preparing For Your Platinum Journey
  • The Platinum Mindset

Generation X Package

Why the Platinum Trading Academy?

We offer our structured Forex Trading Course UK wide. Amongst a host of other benefits, our Financial Trading Courses will help you to achieve another source of income, financial security and stability, and the ability to scale your business up or down. It will set you on the path to having complete financial freedom.

We design and develop courses that are regularly reviewed by experienced traders who work on the biggest trading floors in the world: The New York Stock Exchange, the Chicago Board of Exchange, and the London Stock Exchange, to name but a few. Many of our Elite Forex Trading students now work in major banks or have set up their own hedge funds.

We’ve established forex Trading Academies in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Dubai and India; and we are venturing into Barcelona soon. With thousands of students trained over the last eight years and over 50 years of Forex Trading experience on our staff, our strong support system and disciplined approach are proven to enhance and reaffirm your capabilities to succeed in the Financial Trading Industry.

To ask for a consultation or for enquiries about any of our programmes and Forex Trading Course price, please do get in touch by dialling +44 207 193 1457. Alternatively, contact us through our online form at https://www.platinumtradingacademy.com/contact-us/

Let your Forex Trading journey begin now!

Frequently Asked Questions

In FX trading, a broker may charge a £1 commission per £750,000 of currency pairing that's bought or sold, up to a transaction limit of £7,500,000. For example, when a trader buys £10,000,000, the broker receives £10 as a fee. However, if a trader buys more than £10,000,000, a new fee will become applicable.

You can pick up some of the theory behind FX trading from books or articles online, but when it comes to actually trading in a Forex market, learning through a foreign exchange currency module delivered by professionals provides a structured way of becoming well versed in foreign exchange trading.  If your tutor is a successful trader themselves and has the benefit of many years’ experience, then a paid-for Forex course can pay dividends.

Forex trading takes skill, determination, discipline and effort. You should not expect it to be a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. All traders lose money from time to time, sometimes because they don’t follow their own strategy and sometimes because trading is inherently risky. Taking a reputable forex trading course online is one way of helping mitigate many (though not all) of the risks.

To open your own trading account, Forex brokers usually only require a minimum starting capital, which can be as low as £75. In some circumstances, you may be allowed to open a cent or micro account, with which you can trade that will allow you to trade with less than £1.

If you've taken Forex trading courses and are all set to trade using your real account to make real money, then the exact amount you need to start trading depends on the type of account you choose. For instance, if you want to begin trading on a micro account, you may only need to deposit as little as £1.

If you’ve traded successfully and made a profit on the Forex market, you can withdraw funds from your brokerage account. Each broker has different procedures, but in essence, you complete a withdrawal form online and funds are wired to your bank account.

Yes, people make successful livings from Forex trading. However, it requires dedication, time and energy. You also need a firm foundation from which to develop a trading strategy that will stand you in good stead. Professional training in Forex trading can give you the grounding you need to jumpstart your Forex trading career. Then all you have to add is discipline and patience.

If you have a firm understanding of trading Forex, a broker is no longer necessary as trading can be done online from the comfort of your own home. What you may benefit from, though, especially in the early days when you’re just starting out, is a reliable FX guide service.

Exact timescales depends on the brokerage and your agreement with them. As a rough guide, withdrawal requests tend to be processed within 24 hours; while it takes between three and five business days for funds to be transferred into a bank account.

If you place trades through a broker, you tend to pay a small amount in commissions or costs per trade. The amount charged is set by the broker but is usually not excessive. Aside from this, there are no other financial fees to be paid.

1) Qualities of Good Forex Trading Classes

Before signing up for classes, take the time to look at some Forex trading course reviews submitted by past clients. You should also consider the following criteria:

  • Course Reputation – focus on courses that have solid reputations and steer clear of the many scams that blithely promise hefty returns and instant profits. To gauge a company’s reputation, ask other traders for their opinion and participate in online forums.
  • Course Certification – a good trading course is certified through a financial institution or a regulatory body.
  • Time and Cost – carefully examine the time and cost commitments of each trading course, especially those where individual mentoring is involved.

2) Importance of Learning Forex Trading

You don’t need to have had any special education in economics to become involved in the Forex market. Whatever your day job is, you stand as much a chance as anyone else at being successful. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate the need to learn the ropes. Having a good foreign exchange currency guide to steer you through the early stages is necessary, especially if you’re a novice trader.

3) Why Do You Need to Learn Forex Trading?

It’s strongly advised that beginners enrol with a reputable FX learning agency to learn how to navigate the markets profitably. The right training course in trading will give you a concrete foundation in market direction and money and risk management, as well as a thorough understanding of the strategies involved in price action trading.

4) Basic Tips on FX Trading

There are three essential tips to keep in mind when getting into Forex:

  • Find a trading platform that works - When you get into FX trading, it’s helpful to be able to test the water with your broker’s system so you can decide if trading suits you. You have a chance to test it out using virtual money, instead of your own funds.
  • Learn, Study, Research - It’ll also help if you find the best forex trading course you can afford. You are looking for one that will equip you with the technical analysis skills you need to understand Forex better and stay updated with all the current market trends.
  • Work with a Broker You Can Trust - Last but not least, you should find a broker or large market maker that’s regulated in at least one, preferably two, countries to ensure the safety of the money you’re spending.

5) Reasons Why You’d Want to Consider Currency Trading

The advantages of global currency markets are many, and make it well worth learning foreign exchange currency trading. These include:

  • Profit Potential – is one factor that’s plentiful in the currency market and every investor wants to hear about. You can even profit regardless if currencies are going up or down by buying when a currency pair is going up, and selling if you anticipate that it’s about to go down.
  • Market Size – the currency markets happen to be the biggest financial market in the world. Having a market on this scale makes it more difficult for any single entity to come in and manipulate it for their gain.
  • Tax Advantages – obviously, the fewer taxes you pay, the better. In the Forex market, it doesn’t matter if you take your profit shortly after you enter a trade or a longer period afterwards. The first 40% of your profits are taxed at a short-term capital gains rate, and the remaining 60% at long-term capital gains rates.

To make sure you’re ready to undertake a profitable venture into the global markets, take advantage of our learn to trade Forex online training course now! Our professional traders are keen to meet you.