Forex Trading for Beginners Journey


Welcome to Platinum Trading Academy your professional gateway to learning how to trade the financial markets.

Thank you for taking your first step towards learning how to trade and making money from the markets in 2021. At Platinum, we have courses to fit individuals from all walks of life, and everything can be done from the comfort of your own home.

As you are new to trading, we will give our free Forex for beginners Basic Lesson to get you started.

At Platinum, we take pride in commencing your journey from a novice to becoming a professional trader.
We shall give you a completely Free Forex Basics Consultation to help you get started. Please book
the day and time below and you are one step closer to becoming a Professional Trader!

“Hard Work beats talent when talent does not work hard”

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    In our session, one of our traders with more than ten years of experience shall take you through the following:

    1. The basics of the forex market and how professional traders make money
    2. How you can trade for just 4 hours a week and make a part-time income
    3. Create a Plan of action and arrange for a practice account to gain confidence
    4. Take you through the success of Mike Sawyer, who had no experience in trading And today is a full-time professional trader.
    5. Take you through the Beginners Course Step by Step should you wish to join.

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