When talking about forex strategy there something we can all agree on:

There isn’t one single forex strategy in the world which will work 100% of the time.

That’s a rule to which you won’t find an exception. I can guarantee you that! Those who trade the markets be them professionals or not will all agree on this.

Since we are clear on that, I have something to share with you today on forex strategy which will be the closest you can actually get to that 100% rate. Don’t believe me? Then keep on reading and I will show you.

What I will show you is a Forex Strategy which works 98% of the time when the market comes in contact with the desired level of the profitable forex strategy. Be it a short (sell) or Long (buy) level.

Before revealing my secret here today on Forex Strategy, I must say that I can guarantee you won’t find this forex strategy anywhere else in the marketplace. No other educator or training company will actually be able to give you that edge. Only Platinum Trading Academy will be able to provide you with this Forex Strategy. When we say here that “we teach you how to trade like the institutions”, we mean it and we give you the tools and knowledge necessary for that.

But let’s cut the story short and go for it:

I am talking about the EXTREME ZONE FOREX STRATEGY.

Here at Platinum Trading Academy, we use an Algorithm which gives us a series of Buy and Sells zones for each trading day. We use this Algorithm or “trading system”, as we like to call it, as an extra confirmation for our entries on the trades we enter the market after all our analysis is done. It is important that you understand we do not take blind entries on each sell or buy zone.

To help you draw a picture in your mind of what I am talking about, I have placed the 2 charts below as examples:

Let’s have a look at a naked chart as you get it from MT4:


Now let’s have a look at a chart Platinum Traders have access to every day:

Now you have a clear picture of what I am talking about when I said “a series of Buy and Sell zones”. For those who have an eye for detail and are already wondering what the blues lines which say MAJOR CAP means, the bad news I have for you is that you will have to wait for my lesson about those. This is another Forex Strategy we teach our clients and as you can see, they work a treat. But as I said that’s is a subject for another day.

Back to the Extreme Zone FOREX STRATEGY. So, the “Trading System” gives us the buy and sell zones and also and Extreme Zone to each side every day. What do you do then to trade them? Place orders with 25 Pips stop loss and aim for 30 Pips minimum. Job did!

Now let me give you some examples of that in action:

chart 3

In the above chart, the price hit the Extreme zone at 1 pm and immediately reversed.

chart 4

In this other example above, we had price hitting the Extreme zones back to back and working.

Before I move on to my last example, there is another piece of information that I have to give you. It is the answer to the question you may have next: When is it not ok to use this Forex Strategy?

The answer is: Never!!

You can use this Forex Strategy whenever the price of any market hits the Extreme Zone. Even NFP? Yes! Even NFP. What about the FED rate decision? Yes! European Elections? Yes!

Let me put it simply for you. I don’t care what is happening or is going to happen. The Extreme zone Forex Strategy works in any market, in any condition and at any time. The system calculates for us the most Extreme levels for each day where the banks and institutions will have their big orders waiting to be filled on that particular day. I have experienced it myself many times. When the price gets there, it immediately reverses and does 20-30 Pips in seconds sometimes.

That’s why we advise our clients to have orders in place for them. You may be sleeping and lose the opportunity. I rather wake up in the morning and see profits in my account than be regretful for not having my orders in place.

My challenge for you this week!

Get in touch and let us show you the system and the zones in action. The Extreme zone is a given and is only one of the day trading strategies we use here at Platinum Trading Academy. Nobody can offer you a strategy like the one I introduced to you today. I can guarantee you that. That’s why when I see people talking about not trading NFP, I laugh. They don’t have the tools and knowledge I have to trade it. You can have it too. It is your turn now.

The Extreme Zone Strategywill tell you exactly where the market will stop and reverse at the end of the range. The algorithm calculates the ranges of 12 currencies over the last 15 years and gives you market reversals. This algorithm also takes into consideration the commercial buying from a commitment of trader’s report.

We can’t wait to show you what is working for us!

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Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day!

Nisha Patel
Live from the Platinum Trading Floor.

Nisha Patel

Nisha Patel is a Forex Trader and Content Writer at the Platinum Trading Academy, she has been trading in the markets for over 15 years and covers three major aspects: Forex, Indices, and Fundamental Analysis.

“I understand the pain of day traders; by writing dynamic and exciting content which my readers can enjoy, I hope to enhance your trading skills and bring both profitability and consistency”

Having worked for three major corporate banks such as ICAP, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan, Nisha finally found a home with the Platinum Trading Academy.

Working together, we hope to bring you amazing content while trading the financial markets.

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