A Day in the Life of a Platinum Trader


Hi Traders,

Thank you for all your lovely comments and shares of my last article “Trading indicators Good or Bad” and of course the “don’t miss the Swissy train” article. I am glad to be helping you all by bringing these topics and thoughts on a weekly basis, however today we are looking at a topic a lot closer to home and my heart.

A day in the life of a Platinum Trader

To do this we must fist understand what is/was your main reason to want to become a trader?

The answer to this question is very personal so I won’t even try to give you here a “fit it all” answer as I know there are a vast number of answers to it. However, one answer seems to stand out among all others: You want to make money and live the “richer life” financially and emotionally.

Please have faith and be patient and read this article to end and you will find out why I believe becoming a Platinum Trader is one of the best decisions you could make to progress in trading.

In this week’s article

I would like to introduce you to the Platinum Trading Academy way of trading. To begin with let’s agree on something here. Do you know that type of trader you see in the movies? The guy who has the expensive car, the big luxury apartment on the 50th floor of a building in central New York and has the hottest girl in town? (My female readers don’t be offended, please. Just trying to make my point here). That guy is for the movies only. You may well have one or two in the real world, but the reality is far from it.

Why did I bring that to the table? I can hear you asking. Well, let me answer that. In my day to day, I mentor people who want to learn about trading and possibly become Professional Trader. I hear all the same questions I used to ask myself back when I didn’t understand trading the way that I do now. They will be fathers and mothers, retired individuals, graduate students, plumbers, dentists, etc. People from all walks of life. Many wonder how a day in our lives as traders are. That is simply because they have that image on their minds. Either because of the movies or because they have come across some companies out there who keep selling dreams instead of really teaching people the reality of trading.

I wish I could say how a day in a life of a Platinum Trader is in a single and straightforward sentence but I can’t so bare with me a bit more. I need to bring you a piece of information first.

The 4 types of trader

As you progress in your trading career, you will find out that trading is about finding your own style and what feels comfortable for you. I do insist with my students on that you discover what suits you best, I will introduce you to the 4 types of trader:

  • The Scalper Trader
  • The Day Trader or Intraday Trader
  • The Swing Trader or End of Day Trader
  • The Position trader

The Scalper Trader

Scalpers will enter a trade live in the market and probably hold it for seconds or a few minutes and get out. Their objective is to make a few points many times a day on the busiest times of the day. Brokers love these guys.

The Day Trader or Intraday Trader

Intraday traders will act on their bias and analysis and will usually pick aside at the start of the trading day and then finish the day with either a profit or a loss. These traders will not hold their trades overnight.

The Swing Trader or End of Day Trader

Swing traders will be those who like to hold on to their trades for several days. Normally they will be those traders who can’t monitor their charts during the day so they dedicate a couple hours analyzing the market every night to base their trading decisions. Hence the reason they are also known as End of Day Traders. These guys will most likely enter trades with resting orders.

The Position Trader

Position traders will hold their traders for several weeks, months and even years. They will most likely base their trades on fundamental analysis. These traders can easily wait 1 or 2 years before entering a trade on the market. They don’t rush their game at all.

Now that we know the 4 types of traders the question you have to ask to ask yourself is: What type of trader are you?

Don’t answer that question just yet as I have saved the best for last. Allow me to introduce to you a new type of trader. I can guarantee you won’t find this trader anywhere else.

The Platinum Trader

I have mentioned before that I mentor people who aspire to become Professional Trader. And obviously, I do trade the markets as well. What I haven’t said yet is that before doing that, I myself was a Platinum Trading Academy student. So I speak (write in this case) from a personal perspective. So I can give you a firsthand insight of what being a Platinum Trader means.

Where and how does the Platinum Trader differ from the 4 above?

To put it simply, we can do it all.

I can scalp, day trade, swing trade, and position trade. Do I do it all? No, I don’t!! I trade according to what opportunities the market presents to me. “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful.” We can do it all because we have a team of analysts and professional traders working for us.

The Platinum Trader will have Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Seasonal Analysis all given to him through the Platinum Trading Floor. They will have Platinum Trading Television (PTV) which is a morning session/lesson with one of our Professional Trader. Members will have the most important trading zones/trading levels for a particular day every single day. They will have an algorithm which is used to confirm entries with a precision which will blow one’s mind. They will be alerted of major events and when to be out of taking trades. This is all possible because the Platinum trader is actually not alone like most retail traders. They will have a team working on his behalf and helping them to be back on track should they falter. And most important of all, they will have a personal mentor at The Platinum Day Trading Academy, UK.

Now that I gave you all the information I wanted I can finally get to the point here.

How is a day in a life of a Platinum Trader?

The Platinum Trader will start the day reading the Platinum Trading Floor to find out what will affect the markets on that particular day and what trades may be available if any. Then if they can, they will sign in to watch PTV. If they can’t watch it live, they will get an email with the link to watch on their own convenient time.

If they are a part-time Platinum Trader, they will know what levels will be of their interest for the day then place orders and their job is done. For the long term trades, there will be a full analysis of currencies which have a particular interest that week and a full breakdown of what platinum traders should be looking out for is indicated.

Intra-day Trading:

If they are a full-time Platinum Trader, they will have the chance to use our scalping strategy and also trade intraday and that is if they chose to do so. You do not need to be in front of you computer during the day to be a successful Platinum Trader. Some people do choose to do so and that has only to be with their own style.

End of Day trading:

If they are an End of Day Platinum Trader, they will use the Information we provide on the Platinum Trading Floor on the section long-term analysis to help them confirm their decisions.

It doesn’t matter what style you fall into, we will have it covered.

As a Platinum Trader, you will take all your trades based on the Platinum Methodology which you will learn. However, the support you get from the team via the Platinum Trading Floor and PTV is second to none. Plus your mentor is there for you should you need. You will never feel alone again when trading.

As I come to the end of this article I want to provoke you, my reader.

What is it that is holding you back in your trading?

How can I help you to believe what you just read is actually true? 

Let us help you become a Platinum Trader and finally have a breakthrough in trading to achieve the so dreamed consistency every trader dreams. 

Written by

Nisha Patel

Platinum Trader and Mentor.