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We had shown you in one of our previous articles, how the Dollar Index was approaching a major support and showed you with an easy to read and self-explanatory chart, how you could trade the Euro and the Swissy using the Dollar Index chart.Last week, all of our clients got on board of the Swissy train which was scheduled to stop at the station Long 0.9815. However, if you missed it, don’t worry! We have the perfect plan for you to get on board a second opportunity to trade on the Forex USD/CHF.

Let’s refresh the information and the chart of the Dollar index we gave you 2 weeks ago.

Last week’s analysis:

The Federal Reserve leads the way yet again but this time without signaling any further rate hikes. How much truth is there in the actual statement and why is the Dollar falling even though we had an increase in the interest rate. We need to remember that this particular rate hike was already accounted for by most analysts and traders. What the markets were looking for was any prompts about the next bouts of an interest rate hikes and this did not happen hence the Dollar took a dive. So what is next for the Dollar is the big question and while most traders remain in a land of confusion we are very clear about the longer term picture and that is we still believe that there will be Interest rate increases this year.

The Notorious Fed

The Fed has always been of the nature to act when the pressure builds up and believe us when we say this the pressure is on. We are sure that they will be observing how the markets and the economy are currently behaving and also in a good shape. We believe there will be a surprise hike in May 2017. As Traders, we should try and understand the current situation on the dollar and try and take maximum advantage of the current profit taking move on the forex USD dollar.

After that information, we mentioned how, using our Platinum Trading method, you could use it to your advantage and gave a step by step on what to do. This is the kind of in-depth analysis and details our current clients enjoy on a daily basis.

Right now, all of our Platinum clients should be sitting in a long position on theSwissy with over 150 pips in profit and at breakeven.

The chart below was the chart given on our Platinum Trading Floor for this trade:

Forex USD 

As the Dollar index approach that 99.15 support already mentioned, Swissy is showing a possible double bottom formation and the currency pair is approaching a very strong demand level at 0.9850.

How to trade the Swissy

A) Place an alert in accordance with the Swissy chart above at 0.9870

B) Place an alert in accordance with the USDX chart above at 99.15.

C) When your alert triggers check the Dollar index and Swissy The entry on Swissy is @ 0.9850 so you want to have a 20 pips early alert so you can assess the current situation.

D) Place no more than 40 pips stop loss when you enter the trade on Swissy and aim for a minimum of 250 pips for this trade.

But all of that is now past and I am sure you want to find out how you can profit from the second opportunity. This week, on Monday morning, all our clients received the chart below:

Forex USD 

Swissy Trade second opportunity:

From the chart, you will notice that the Forex USD/CHF has rejected support at 0.9815 and may have now resumed the uptrend. We are already long this pair from 0.9850 with our stop at breakeven. This trade is an add-in position and for those who are not in this move yet, it is a second opportunity to get on the flow. The momentum is bullish again on the Forex USD Dollar and we will favour positions at the 50% Fib retracement level @ 0.9920.

We have also outlined the various major supply and demand areas on the chart which you should place alerts on.

How to trade the Swissy:

  1. A) Long the USD/CHF @ 0.9920 or the nearest zone with a 40 pips stop loss and a target of 1.0170
  2. B) Trade the trap zone with a 30 pips stops loss and aim for 50 pips

At Platinum Trading Academy, we our team of analysts and full-time traders analyse and trade the markets every day and train our clients to learn the Platinum Methodology which basically is to train you to get to this level of trading you can see above.

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We trade in an Institutional Way by letting the market come to us and being patient.Being patient will always be a virtue and it’s no different in the FX market. We can ensure using this style of trading your trading will make a turnaround as you will become much more consistent.

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