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I hope you all enjoyed reading our previous forex blogs and trading videos on day trading strategies and advanced forex strategies. Today we will be looking at how to trade forex news live to take advantage of economic data and other events affecting currency pairs.

Trading live forex news is a very widely anticipated practise that Traders around the world look forward to. Nirav Shah, a veteran Financial Trader, has been using his Forex News Trading Strategy for over 17 years and makes in excess of 15,000 pips in a year solely on News announcements on the foreign exchange market. When economic news is released in the market the price can move instantly for about 20 pips, heavily dependant on market expectation and the forex forecast. Events such as non-farm payroll and central bank decisions can give traders instant price action to profit from so long as they have a forex news trading strategy to utilise. The EUR/USD or GBP/USD can move over 100 pips within a matter of minutes on important news. Remember, always try and use a guaranteed stop loss while trading the news.

At Platinum, we sincerely hope that you have had a great year in trading the currency markets so far and that you have achieved nothing but the ultimate success in taming the markets. As you know at Platinum our methodology applies to trading Forex, Indices, Commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Our forex news trading strategy allows you to trade the economic releases on worldwide financial markets.

News events are categorised under your fundamental analysis. Forex fundamental analysis is just as important as forex technical analysis, if not more important. With the combination of these two aspects of forex analysis, you're well on your way to setting up a successful trade.

Today we would like to talk about four major events that are widely anticipated by forex news traders and bankers around the world, these events could move the range bound markets into directional markets and could give us six major trading opportunities to make great profits from the financial markets.

Thursday the 13th of September could be the game-changing day for forex traders so let’s start with the sequence of events and what we are looking at for this day.

If you are not aware the forex markets are open 24/7 and 365 days a year and you can trade them at your own leisure from anywhere in the world. For the latest update on the news releases please visit the forex factory News Section.

There are 4 Major Sessions you can trade:

  • Tokyo /Asian
  • Sydney
  • London/European
  • New York


Trading the Sydney session can be very profitable as the market is range bound or one-directional on news events. If you have the Platinum Trading System, then you could just trade between two trading zones. Would you like a trial of this forex trading system? Then apply here!

On Thursday the 13th of September in the Sydney trading session we are expecting the results for the Australian Employment data which could move the market over 100 pips if we get a greater deviation figure.

So how do we trade this event:

The Consensus of Platinum Analysts is that the unemployment rate is expected to be unchanged at 5.3% in comparison with last month’s figures while the employment change figure is going to be the money spinner and we could see an increase from -3.9k to +13.5K.

This would give the Aussie dollar a boost and we should be looking at buying on dips through the Sydney, Asia and London Trading Session.


The London Trading Session is one of the most lucrative trading sessions if you have the expertise and the correct methodology to be able to trade it. During the London Trading session, Forex Traders try and take maximum advantage of the liquidity.

This Thursday we have the Bank of England’s Interest Rate Decision. Platinum Analysts have forecasted a no change on the interest rates as the bank has just hiked the interest rates in their previous session and very much doubt they would make another rate hike immediately without assessing the market impact of a previous rate hike.

The next rate hike could potentially be seen once we reach some kind of agreement on Brexit or if we pass the exit date. With the current inflation rate (+2.5% YoY) higher than the bank’s inflation target and should the employment data remain favourable for the UK’s economy, main worries could focus on the low GDP growth rate and the uncertainty stemming out of the Brexit negotiations as well as the international trading tensions

At best we could see a rather balanced tone from the MPC Members and if we do see any hawkish elements this could lead into a +150 pips move initially as a signal of strengthening of the pound.

We have several Trades that can be taken advantage of using our forex news trading strategy for example if the markets moved to major one-directional moves our forex news trading system will tell you when the markets will stop and reverse. This in itself could yield you some very good profits. If you want to apply this strategy for this event please fill out the consultations page and see us trade the event live today!


The third most important event is the interest rate decision for the ECB. Platinum Analysts are expecting the ECB to hold the interest rate decision at 0.00%. The only change that we can foresee is if they signal an interest rate hike in the summer of 2019. So, what are we looking for in this statement if this is the case? If they make any comments about unwinding the Quantitate easing programme at the end of September, this could have a massive impact on the Euro order-flows. Traders will be looking for any dovish elements to the speech made by Mario Draghi and will stand at the ready with their forex news trading strategy ready to perform. Right now, it is a can-kicking exercise in our personal opinion.

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