What skills do you need to be a trader in the Financial Markets?

People look at you as if you were an alien or a guru of some sort. There is always an impression that you must be “very intelligent” or must have some background in Mathematics or Accountancy and so on if you are a trader.

In all honesty, that is a tricky question yet so easy to answer. What do you need then? You need the desire to become one. Just like anything else in your life, you simply need to want to become something and go for it and in the end, you will reach your goal.

Can I prove it to you? Allow me then!

What can you see in this picture?

Is it some kind of tunnel? Can you see 2 eyes in it? Think of the many things you can see in it. Put your mind to work and wonder.

After you have done it, let me intrigue your mind a bit more. Is this picture a black square with white stripe lines or is it a white square with black stripe lines?

You may be wondering now why the heck I placed this in here and what does it have to be with you becoming a trader? Well, it has everything to do with the skills you need.

What skills are needed?

What I am trying to show you is that the skills needed are already within you. Your mind was built for pattern recognition. Place an unknown object in front of your eyes and your mind works in the speed of light trying to find a known object which will look like the one you are looking at. It will try to make sense of the world around you based on information you already have stored in there.

Look at this next picture:

What do you see now?

Some probably see red and green lines which make no sense to them. That is only because their brains have not been trained yet to see the information in the picture and probably won’t have any reference stored within to help them make sense of that picture. Our job at Platinum Trading Academy is to change that for you. In this picture, I see a lot of money going up and down and many opportunities to take some of it for myself. You could be doing exactly the same.

Let me show you the last picture to enlighten you:

This is the same picture but with 2 simple lines

I can guarantee you that 99.9% of people reading this article today will see a picture of a triangle in there. With it, there are 2 great opportunities to make money. How? You ask! I say, get in touch and we will tell you.

Please tell me where in all of this do you see the necessity of being a Master in Mathematics? Or an Accountant? Why would you need any degree to place a couple of lines on a chart and formulate an idea to take a trade and make some money for yourself?

I am not trying to diminish what I do, as in the end, I am a trader, but I am trying to break the taboo that exists in the retail market. There is no doubt that you need discipline and patience to become a good professional trader, but these can be certainly taught.

I guess what I am trying to say, in case you didn’t realise yet, is that anyone can become a trader if they so wish and dedicate themselves to becoming one. Anyone from any background can do it!

Trading is just like any other business or career

Obviously, I do not advise you to start placing lines on charts and begin trading tomorrow. Trading is just like any other business or career. You need to learn, plan, practice and perfect it. The main advantage with trading is that you can earn while you learn and you can be very well off financially in many cases in a short period of time.

If you still have doubts about it, make sure you get in touch today and a member of our team here at Platinum Trading Academy will explain to you how this can become your reality.

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The Platinum Formula:

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The Platinum Way

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Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day!

Nisha Patel
Live from the Platinum Trading Floor.

Nisha Patel

Nisha Patel is a Forex Trader and Content Writer at the Platinum Trading Academy, she has been trading in the markets for over 15 years and covers three major aspects: Forex, Indices, and Fundamental Analysis.

“I understand the pain of day traders; by writing dynamic and exciting content which my readers can enjoy, I hope to enhance your trading skills and bring both profitability and consistency”

Having worked for three major corporate banks such as ICAP, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan, Nisha finally found a home with the Platinum Trading Academy.

Working together, we hope to bring you amazing content while trading the financial markets.

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