Trump takes Dow to 20000


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This weekend, we had a lot of clients ask us the big question! What are your views on the Dow Jones hitting 20000 and the Trumpeffect? Market talks have started and rumours are that Trumponomics is actually going to initiate a Bull run. Let’s see how can we position ourselves if this does happen.

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Let us begin with understanding the impact of the Trump rally. With the signing of the numerous executive orders since his inauguration, there is no doubt that Trump will be remembered for getting the Dow Jones to 20000. While many may not like what he says and we did have concerns about his policies before he was elected (and still do over the longer run), Trump does have his basics of business, right?


Trump is investing in infrastructure and pipelines. He is taking a lot of decisions that are business friendly.

The proposal to build the Mexico border wall means a surge for infrastructure companies. Dakota pipelines to be made in the USA would bring a huge boost to pipe supplier companies.

While many individuals may not like the decisions he takes, businesses sure do.

The Dow Jones started rising since November, the day Trump pulled out the biggest upset in US election history. Friday’s Dow Jones rally isn’t just for a day. We believe that it will continue even if for a very short term, if not more.

It’s the best time to trade the Dow Jones!

Yes, let me say that again – the best time in a very long time!

Donald’s Twitter – A Signal Service

Donald’s Twitter is like a Financial Markets Trading Signal Service. Be sure to follow his tweets as his updates are better than the anchors at Bloomberg.

If you are currently trading the Dow Jones and frustrated because you are trying to short the Indices, one word STOP! Learn to go with the trend. The Dow Jones closed at 20091 and that too on a Friday. It did fall a bit below 20000 after Trump ordered the Travel Ban yesterday. Our analysis suggests that this rally could still expand to 21300.


After seeing the markets rally over 25% from January 2016, the Dow has reached a new landmark this month.
Technically, we were in a distribution arena prior to the election. Fundamentally, not that much has changed with the situation of the US Economy. The US national debt stands at 19 Trillion. Donald Trump admitted the bubble. Click on the chart below for detailed analysis performed by Platinum’s team of experienced professional traders.

  1. A double bottom in play on the Dow Jones.
  2. A mini 5 wave structure to break above the distribution channel.
  3. A clear ABCD pattern that ends at 21300.
  4. A trap zone between 19750 and 19960 and it has broken above it now.
  5. 18320 which is the top of the previous distribution and now becomes support for the Dow.
  6. Only key support levels and demand levels are to be taken as trades.

Key Technical elements to consider:

  1. Dow is traded on Volume. There is no heavy volume on the bear candles. At Platinum, we use a candle counting technique with our elite traders. The largest number of consecutive bear candles is 3.
  1. Dow has risen from the 15000 level to the 20000 level in one year and this almost a 25% increase. This is a very big rally and shows signs of continuation. We have broken above what we thought would have been the distribution channel for 2016 and until we close back below this level it will continue higher.
  1. The number of pullbacks on the Dow has been very limited. This means that Bulls are in control of the markets.The Dow is currently showing a Bullish pattern as it has low volatility. Breakout is to the upside and it has been consistent.

What not to do on the Dow Jones:

Unlike currencies, the Dow is a completely different beast. The crowd is currently very Bullish. Every single dip is being bought and from a technical perspective, the markets are very overbought. This does still not mean that is time to sell. One piece of bad news and we could see a correction of almost 400 points in one afternoon.Be Careful.

We have to remember from a fundamental perspective that the prices of the stocks are not at affordability levels.

  1. Never revenge trade on Indices.
  1. Do not build loss positions on the Dow and think of selling and holding just yet.
  1. Do not risk more than 1%. Risk management is one of the keys to success for a Professional Trader.
  1. Two important times not to trade the Dow Jones for short term traders are 18:00 (GMT) and 20:30 (GMT).

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