Trading Challenge

Trading Challenge – Watch Nirav Shah make £12,000 in a single week

Nirav has trained up a team of trader mentors at Platinum with the same mind set, methodology and strategy so they can pass that on to our Platinum member clients. If making £12,000 off a £39,000 account in a week is something that interests you, then please book a complimentary consultation after reading this Trading Challenge.

Nirav decided to take up the trading challenge “purely to demonstrate it could be done”. He had traded like the video shows many times in the past but never live for a TV show before.

Platinum Trading Systems was contacted and the challenge was set. Could Platinum with its innovative algorithmic trading system make £10,000 profit in a single week?

We didn’t just meet our target set by the trading challenge but exceeded it by a full £2,000 on the fifth day.

Book a complimentaryConsultation if you are ready to learn how to make £12,000 in a week

The Trading Challenge documentary was commissioned by a major UK Television channel, which followed the exploits of a group of currency traders for a week.