According to Deutsche Bank, in 2019, the value of global equities increased by over $ 17 trillion to have a market cap of over $ 80 trillion. The bank said that this growth was fuelled by easier monetary policies and improved political developments across the world. Globally, Statista reports that the New York Stock Exchange is the largest exchange in the world with a market cap of over $25 Trillion. The NASDAQ followed with a market cap of over $11 Trillion. Among the top ten global exchanges in the world, notable exchanges are the Japan Exchange Group( market cap: $5.1 Trillion), Shanghai Stock exchange( Market Cap:$ 4.67 trillion), Hong Kong Exchange( market cap: $ 4.23 Trillion), Euro Next Exchange( $3.67 Trillion)and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. ( $ 3.28 Trillion)

At the beginning of 2020, the global stock markets experienced a crash due to the Great Lockdown. Interestingly, there are certain stocks that have experienced a boom during this period as the world reopens. This creates a good opportunity for savvy investors to short or goes long on investments and opportunities in the market. It also creates an abundance of stocks that can be bought in markets that are low as it creates a perfect entry point before some of these markets get into a bull run. In this Trading 212 review, we will look at this platform, the features it has to offer and the opportunities for traders and investors on this platform.

Is Trading 212 safe?

On this Trading 212 review on its safety, we look at what measures the platform has taken to ensure client funds and data are safe. Trading 212 platform is registered in the UK. It is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All the funds deposited on this platform are kept on separate accounts and are insured. They are insured by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. In this scheme, the investors can get compensated up to 85,000 pounds. This platform also conducts regular audits on its infrastructure and platforms. It is done by a third party company located in the United States called Grand Thornton. This is a leading cyber risk advisory company.
The platform also has a robust team that monitors all transactions on the platform on a 24/7 basis.

There is also an active bug bounty programmer that rewards researchers and individuals who pinpoint bugs on the system. Trading 212 has also received raving reviews online. A simple search on the platform online will give you reviews about the platforms. This should remove any doubt one may have about this platform. Its mobile app has more than fifteen million downloads. This goes to show that people trust it. There is also an active customer service desk that offers support in 16 different languages. This helps the clients know that in case of any hitches, they can always contact the customer support team, Apart from the UK office, the platform also has another subsidiary in Bulgaria. This gives it an international appeal.

Trading 212 Features

This trading 212 broker review looks at the main features of this platform. Trading 212gives traders an opportunity to invest over 3000 stocks and ETFs.These are real stocks that are traded from leading exchanges across the world. Some of the exchanges that the platform works with are NYSE, London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Euro Next Amsterdam and Bolsa De Madrid. The platform charges 0% commission for traders who buy stocks on this platform. It also charges 0% broker fees for these. Whether you are doing one deal or fifty deals, the platform will charge you $0 for this. This is in sharp contrast with other top brokerage entities that will charge from $1 and up to $10 for every deal you make; and this rate increases with the number of deals you make. The platform also offers fractional shares for sale on its platform. Fractional shares are a share of equity or stock that is a portion of one whole stock or share. This can enable traders to own expensive shares like Google or Apple and diversify their portfolio. Traders can purchase fractional shares with as little as 1 Pound. The platform also offers traders a chance to engage in unlimited instant trades and charges no foreign exchange fees. You can download the trading app for this platform on Google Play or iPhone. There are over 15 million downloads of this app, with over 100,000 positive reviews about this platform. Trading 212 allows traders to trade on forex, commodities, indices and stocks on all major markets across the world. The platform also has a feature called Auto Invest and Pies that automatically lets traders know how much they can invest in each portfolio so as to diversify their asset base.

Trading 212 Features

Trading 212 reviews on Fees?

On this Trading 212 review on fees, we look at the different fees offered by this platform. This platform offers zero-commission trading. The platform does not charge any fees for deposits, withdrawals or inactivity on the platform. Trading 212 has a minimum deposit of $ 1 for CFD accounts and $10 for Invest accounts. It also has a minimum trading size of 0.01 Lots. On CFD trading, the platform gets its fees from the spread that's the difference between the buying and selling price. On GBPUSD, the platform has a spread of 2 pips. On Oil, the platform has a spread of 5 pips. On stocks, the platform has a spread of 0.2%. On cryptocurrencies, the platform has a spread of 0.5 %.


What Trading Platforms does Trading 212 offer?

On this trading 212 review section, we will have a look at the different trading platforms offered by this company. This platform has a mobile trading platform that can be accessed using Android and Apple Phones. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Trading 212 also has a web-based trading platform. The web-based platform works well with most of the popular browsers such as Google, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The web-based platform is quite popular and has received raving reviews on the internet. Their web-based platform gives traders an opportunity to add a watch list on some of the trending assets on the markets. You can easily monitor the prices of stocks and other assets in different timeframes on this web-based trading platforms. The mobile trading platform is continuously rated as one of the best mobile trading platforms in the UK.

Trading 212 Review of Accounts

On this Trading 212 review, we look at the various accounts offered by this platform. You can open a real money account or a practice account on this platform. The practice account mimics the real-world financial markets and helps traders sharpen their skills before opening a real money account on the platform. On the real money account, traders can either open an Invest account or a CFD account. For an investing account, the traders have a chance to invest in over 3000 real-world stocks and ETFs at 0% commission and fees. Users can also have a CFD account. This account enables them to invest in indices, stocks, Forex and Commodities. It also allows traders to leverage their positions. The platform also has an Individuals Savings account that enables you to invest or save an amount that doesn’t exceed 20,000 Pounds.

Is Trading 212 Good for All Types of Traders?

On this trading 212 review, we look at the suitability of this platform for both beginner and experienced traders. This platform is ideal for all kinds of traders. The practice account is good for beginners as it gives them a platform to horn their skills before they can become professionals. The mobile and web-based app are ideal for active and full-time traders since they have multiple features and trading tools that can help the traders in executing their trades.

How To Trade With Trading 212

On this 212 trading review, we will look at what it takes to start trading on this platform. To start trading on this platform. You need to open an account with them first. You can then go ahead and make a deposit of USD 1. You also need to verify your identity by uploading a copy of your ID, a selfie and a valid proof of address document. After this, you will be good to go and can put your trades on the different asset classes that are offered. Just make sure that you meet the necessary liquidity qualifications.


Funding Methods

On this Trading 212 review, we will look at the payment methods that are accepted on this platform. The payment methods accepted on this platform are iDeal, Paypal, Google pay, Direct e-Banking, Caret Bleue, Giro Pay, Skrill, Card Payments and Bank Transfers. There are no fees charged by the platform for funding or withdrawing funds from it. It would be good to confirm with the source payment provider in the event that you would like to make a deposit. Some financial institutions may charge for this.
Most payments take a couple of minutes to be reflected on your account. For bank deposits, these may take up to 3working days to be reflected. In the event that a client makes a deposit and it is not reflected on their account, they can always get in touch with the customer care and have this resolved.


This trading 212 review shows that this is an ideal platform for those who may want to engage in mobile trading. It also gives you a chance to invest in real-world stocks across multiple exchanges in the world. An auto-invest feature is also a great tool that can help you in balancing your portfolio as a trader. The low fees offered and minimal deposits give most individuals an opportunity to tap into the financial markets.