The term “Financial markets” broadly refers to a market where securities are sold. These securities include but are not limited to, forex, stocks, bonds and commodities. Globally, financial markets are important as they help in mobilizing funds, help investors share the risk, determine the price of securities and also provide liquidity. There are different types of financial markets. Some of these are commodity markets which trade in commodities, money markets which provide financing for short term debt and derivatives which trade in financial instruments.

The internet has provided an opportunity for traders around the world to trade in financial markets across different areas. This has localized trading and provided numerous opportunities for savvy traders. Proprietary trading platforms that have sprung up to provide the fertile ground from which investors and traders can trade in multiple financial instruments across the world. We look at one of these trading In this market .com review, we analyse this platform and the products that it offers to traders.

Is safe?

This platform was established in the year 2008. It is a part of the Tradetech group, which is a constituent company of Playtech. Playtech is listed in the London Stock Exchange. Playtech is a large company created in 1999 with a market cap of over 1 Billion Euros. So, you can be sure that they closely monitor reviews online and they will not let anything bad tarnish their has an active customer care team that provides both phone support and live chat. So, in the event that you have any difficulties transacting or accessing your account, you can always get in touch with them. The live chat platform is available for 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday while the phone support is available to clients from Sunday till Friday. The platform is also fully registered and is regulated by financial authorities in Cypress and the have an active office in Cypress and their parent company has an office in the UK. All the data that is collected by the platform is kept safe. This platform communicates to their clients the kind of data it will collect and what it is going to use it for. Features

On this section of review, we look at the features of the products offered by this platform. Some of the assets that can be traded on this platform are Shares(such as Facebook, Tesla Motors and alphabet), indices, Currencies (such as GBP/JPY, EUR/USD and EUR/CHF) Bonds, Cryptocurrencies(such as Bitcoin Futures, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum), and Commodities( such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Gold Futures and Platinum) For its trading platform, it offers MT4, MT5, Mobile app and web trading capabilities. This platform also offers a tool known as an Investment Strategy Builder. What this does is that it helps traders create a strategy that will help them invest in multiple asset classes. Traders can filter the asset classes they would like to invest in based on the market cap, daily volume and even sector.The strategy builder puts into consideration the investor’s risk appetite and investment goals. When you open a share dealing account on this platform, you get three months of zero commission.
The platform also has a knowledge centre that may help new traders.It also provides insights, news and trading strategies that may be useful to experienced traders. Features

What are’s fees?

In this section of the review, we take a detailed look at the fees offered by this platform. If you have a share dealing account, you will be charged zero commission for the first three months. After this period, the EU shares attract a commission of 0.1% with a minimum of 10 Euros as fees. Trading in the UK shares attracts a fee of 0.1% with a fee minimum of 8 pounds. Trading in US shares attracts a 2 cent fee with a minimum of $15.Trading in Australian shares attracts a fee of 0.1% with a minimum fee of 10 Australian dollars.

There is also a currency conversion fee of 0.3%. This is deducted whenever there is a difference between the trading accounts currency and the quoted currency of an asset. They have a floating spread on their platform. What this basically means is that the spread is basically determined by the market forces. On the forex market, the average spread for EUR/GBP, GBP/USD and EUR/USD is 2 pips. On the Cryptocurrency market, the average spread is 5 pips. There are no fees charges on withdrawals or deposits. It would be good to confirm with your source bank to see if fees will be charged from your end. If you deposit more than $2500, then the platform will reimburse you for any fees that you may be charged by the source account.


What trading platforms does offer?

On this section of review, we look at the different trading platforms offers the following trading platforms:

This is an advanced multi-asset trading platform that offers low spreads and advanced trading tools. This platform also has VIP customer service that prioritizes the trader. You get exclusive and free access to a wide range of technical and fundamental tools. You also get access to a wide network of experts directly from your account.

A platform that offers you cutting edge tools that you can use to invest. You can use the investment strategy builder to allocate funds to different asset classes. You also get a chance to invest for free for three months. After this, you get competitive rates on your trades.

This continues to be a platform of choice for forex traders. This platform offers you an opportunity to engage in algorithmic trading where your trades are executed automatically. You can also trade in small sizes from as low as 0.01 lots. This trading platform executes your trades instantly and offers slow spreads on the assets.

This trading platform allows you to trade in Forex, CFDs, Stocks and futures. It is a faster version that MT4 and offers more tools that can empower traders.

This platform offers mobile loans for IOS and Android phones. From the mobile platform, traders can manage their positions, execute trades and exit from their positions. This mobile app is integrated with the Marketsx platform.

markets platforms

Trading Accounts offered by 

On this section of review, we look at the different accounts offered by this platform. The different trading accounts offered by this platform will depend on which securities you would like to trade. If you are a beginner, you can start with a demo account where you sharpen your skills on the different financial assets that are on offer. This replicates real-world trading. If you are an experienced trader, you can either go for the Marketsx account or the Marketsi account. Each of the accounts has multiple tools that you can use for trading. Marketsiaccountis ideal for share trading as it gives you access to stocks from some of the world’s leading exchanges. Marketsxaccount is ideal for CFD trading as it gives you access to thousands of assets that you can choose from. You also get access to investment strategies, powerful tools and exclusive VIP services.

Regulation and Security

On this section of the review, we look at its regulatory approvals and security within this platform. This platform is fully registered in Cypress and is regulated by the Cypress Securities ExchangeCommission. In the UK, they have another office that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority,
The platform’s parent company is a listed technology firm on the London Stock exchange. This helps us know that they take their security seriously. The platform has a privacy policy on their website where they indicate all the information they will take from their clients. This information can only be used by authorized parties within the group.

All the funds deposited in the company are kept separate and secured in external banks by the company. All transactions on the platform are also monitored on a daily basis. When sharing information or sending funds to this platform, firewalls and security software are used to protect data used in this transaction. All communication between the sender and the recipient is also encrypted.

How To Trade With 

On this part of review, we look at what it takes to start trading on this platform. To trade, you first need to open an account with them. Once you open an account with them, go ahead and verify your details by submitting your ID and a valid proof of residence- examples of Proof of residence are water bills and power bills. You can then go ahead and make your deposit on the platform depending on the account that you may want to open. Once you have done this, you can open and close trades on the different markets.


Funding Methods

On this review, we look at the various funding methods on this platform. accepts wire transfer and use of credit and debit cards as its funding methods. The minimum amount that can be deposited on this platform is 250 of whichever currency that you chose. Some of the accepted currencies you can use to deposit on this platform are USD, EUR, GBP, PLN and AED. There are no fees charged by this platform when making deposits. In the event that you make a deposit of more than $2500, then will refund you any fees incurred for this. If you try to upload funds and are means that you may not have completed the verification proves. All you need to do is to log into your account, select the Verification centre tab and upload your documents from there. Credit or debit cards take up to 24 hours to be availed to your account. Wire transfer may take up to 2 working days to be processed.


This is a platform that has won numerous awards globally and in the UK as a forex broker and forex provider. It offers thousands of assets for traders. It is also backed by a reputable company. Their fees are also competitive and this makes them attractive to both experienced and new traders. We hope this review has helped you understand the different products, fees and trading platforms offered by this broker.