It is important to use the learn the correct method of Forex analysis to avoid the risk of losing money.

Many clients trade via spread bets and CFDs which allows them to buy or sell with the price movements in the market. Here at Platinum, we are here to provide support via trading opportunities and personalized one to one mentoring. As a trader, you can trade many currencies in real time such as GBP/USD. USD/JPY and EUR/USD the list goes on at our forex trading academy we teach you to be a master one particular currency pair and move upwards from there onwards.

This week we are looking for a fresh opportunity on USD/CAD, a fantastic breakout opportunity has presented itself to us and we would like to share this with you. The Loonie is on the verge of a big move and we are looking to fill you in on how Platinum approaches this type of opportunity.

THE CANADIAN DOLLAR: Why forex analysis is crucial for a traders profitability

The USD/CAD tends to be a very trending par due to its correlation with the commodities especially oil. This is a relationship which can be exploited and one we take advantage of whenever there is a significant move on Oil.



From the daily chart, we can see the simultaneous breakout of a bullish trendline and demand level. Breakout has now occurred and will be looking for a short from the breakout level.



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USD/CAD – Wait for a breakout of 1.3055, then on the pullback go Short @ 1.3055 with a 40 pips stop loss and a target of 1.2730


  • 1.2900 – Long-term Buying Level
  • 1.2800 – Long-term Buying level
  • 1.3050 – Long-term Selling Level
  • 1.3150 – Long-term Selling Level

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How to become a profitable Trader.

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