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As you know, here at Platinum Trading Academy, we are proficient in trading all four of these areas: Forex;Commodities;Cryptocurrencies; and Indices. This week let me give you an amazing insight into the end of year trades which we are considering. As subscribers you get the trades we send out almost every week, yet do you take advantage of the trades?It can either be a solid yes, or a solid no.There is nothing in-between. I would like to briefly talk about a trader that joined us at Platinum, and his amazing journey before I move on to the end of year trades.


For this blog and due to confidentiality, I would like to refer to our client as ‘John’. John has been trading with inconsistency for the last 3 years of his life, and then he was introduced to us at Platinum. In his own words, this was a turning point for John, and this is in no way a sob story to get you to sign up, but it’s the journey of an individual that today made 100k+ which he would previously have never dreamt of in the space of 2 whole months. You don’t have to believe me, but have a look at the screen shot below and decide for yourself whether you want to learn how to trade Crypto:

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John is now averaging 5000+ pips per year using the following trading strategies:

  1. Extreme Zone Strategy =1,236 pips this year on 6 pairs using set and forget orders

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  1. 4th Zone Strategy=3,163 pips this year also on 6 pairs using set and forget orders
  2. Monday Currency Reversal Strategy =972 pips this year

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Bear in mind these are all just set and forget orders, with no work to do at all.

John knew nothing about Cryptocurrencies until he enrolled in the Platinum Crypto Course and within just 5 sessions he didn’t just start making money, he gained so much confidence that in the last 3 months he made over £100,000.00. The difference between John and other individuals I have come across, is the fire in his heart, his pure dedication and commitment to ensuring he trades with discipline.

John had an interest in trading, and so subscribed to The Platinum Newsletters, he then went on to have a consultation, and is now one of The Platinum Elite Traders.


Today, John has achieved what many traders struggle for years to achieve: Consistency in the market through simplicity. At Platinum, we believe that complexity is the problem, and simplicity is the solution. With simplicity comes profitability in the Financial markets.

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The Platinum Overview of all the Major Markets:

In this blog, we’ll discuss the Dow and Bitcoin. For our spectacular euro and gold charts please read on.

Dow Jones Breaks 24,000!




Facts about the Dow Jones:

Core Facts on DJ 30      
Peak recession When PBO left office Today For Trump to match Obama
Unemployment: 10.0% Unemployment: 4.7% (-53%) Unemployment: 4.1% (-6%) Unemployment: 2.2%
Dow Jones: 6,594.44 Dow Jones: 19,732.40 (+199.2%) Dow Jones: 24,231.59 (+22.8%) Dow Jones: 39,306.94

The Dow Jones has hit an all-time high, and breaks the psychological resistance at 24,000.The Dow Jones 100-year chart that has been studied by The Platinum Analytical Team over the weekend suggests yet another massive push is very likely in the next 42 days. As a rule of thumb, most participants are trying to short the market, or bet that the market will fall. STOP trying to short this market. Just because the markets fell +350 points on sloppy reporting of the Flynn plea does not turn this into a bear market. The last 9 months have been turned around and the markets are on a clear BULL RUN. The team agrees that we must be cautious and patient, believe us when we say this market will almost definitely crash, and we have to be ready, both financially, and mentally.One of our core reasons for coming to this conclusion, is that the Margin Debt is now $561 billion, double the amount of the tech bubble of the year 2000, and 47% greater than the Margin Debt in the year 2007. Learn how to trade crypto and how you could trade the Big Short from one of our esteemed Platinum Analysts.

Core Points from The Platinum Analytical Team:

  • Do not build multiple positions, either bull, or bear.
  • Once your first trade fails, do not revenge trade.
  • Do not trade the Dow Jones if you under capitalised.

Solution to profitability for the Dow Jones:

  1. Use the 4thZone Platinum Trading Zone Strategy
  2. Discover which DJ30 Stock will turn the markets for a domino affect
  3. Uncover how to take 250 points from the market with this Platinum Reversal Strategy

Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin Breaks $11,000!



Value of BTC No of Days
$0      – $1000 1789
$1000- $2000 1271
$2000- $3000: 23
$3000- $4000: 62
$4000- $5000: 61
$5000- $6000: 8
$6000- $7000: 13
$7000- $8000: 14
$8000- $9000: 9
$10000-$11000: 1

Crypto Currencies are not only one of the fastest growing markets in the world, but also the most lucrative with opportunities to make over 100% returns each day.

Most people have heard of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, and have heard of the huge returns that can be made, but savvy investors and traders know that there is significantly more opportunity in Alt-coins.

Alt-coins are the alternative Cryptocurrencies launched after Bitcoin, but like the definitions of all disruptive new technologies, the Alt-coin definition is subject to debate.

Alt-coins project themselves as better substitutes to Bitcoin, and many try to target any perceived limitation that Bitcoin has by trying to come up with competitive advantages.

There are a huge variety and number of Alt-coins — 1,300+ as of writing this article. Bitcoin still heads the virtual currency pack. Newer alternatives offer modifications in areas such as transaction speed, privacy, proof-of-stake, and DNS resolution.

As you can see from the chart below, there is huge opportunity to make substantial returns from this market, and Platinum would like to show you exactly how to benefit from both Bull and Bear markets.



Book a Free Platinum Consultation and receive our 2017 end of year Live Report to enhance your profitability:

The Platinum 2017 end of year report will include 20 Opportunities in the following markets:

  • Indices: DOW JONES, FTSE 100, DAX
  • Crypto Currencies, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM & LITECOIN
  • Commodities: OIL, Gold & Silver

How to become a Profitable Trader:

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At Platinum, we teach all individuals from different walks of life to become a full-time trader or create a secondary revenue stream by trading part-time. We trade in an Institutional Way by letting the market come to us and being patient. Using Platinum’s Trading system you can take many Pips out of the market. We can ensure using this style of trading your trading will make a turnaround as you will become much more consistent.

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