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Although, BREXIT trades will continue for few months, why let go of some wonderful forex trading opportunities that come across now. Let’s see what Kiwi – The New Zealand Dollar’s next mega move is and the pip gains it brings to us.

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Milk prices were surprisingly stable in the most recent bi-weekly auction: the GDT Price Index rose by 0.6%. US indicators also experienced stability with CPI coming out exactly as expected. The reaction to Trump’s inauguration has not been seen in full. Kiwi/Dollar made a move towards 0.7230

News Events for the Kiwi

Credit Card Spending:  Wednesday, 2:00

With retail sales published only on a quarterly basis, this gauge of plastic card usage provides a snapshot of consumer activity. Consumption increased by 4.1% in November.

CPI: Wednesday, 21:45

New Zealand publishes its official inflation data only once per quarter, making every release critical. The Consumer Price Index rose by 0.2% in Q3, a subdued rise. Slightly stronger inflation is on the cards now.

Graeme Wheeler talks: Wednesday, 23:00

The Governor of the RBNZ will speak shortly after the inflation data is released and will have an opportunity to respond to it. Interest rates are quite low in New Zealand, but striking the right balance between growth and house prices is tricky. Wheeler has a chance to steer the kiwi and will probably try to talk it down.



This is the most over-valued currency at the moment and it has still not balanced itself out with relative value against the AUD. We believe that the Kiwi is going for a test of the channel and the Right Shoulder pattern.

Please click on the chart for detailed analysis.

One of the largest contributing factors are events that impact the US economy.

The new word in town is “Trumponomics!”

The US faces a rather interesting scenario at the moment. The new President has pledged to push for tax cuts to boost economy growth and there is likely to be a significant tax reform. Let’s not forget that he might face some congressional delays and potential deadlock. Everything depends on his approach towards Congress. If tax cuts are agreed, there should be expectations of stronger growth and inflation pressures. Being that the economy is already running close to full employment, stronger growth could quickly put sudden upward pressure on inflation. In this environment, there would be a high risk that the FED would be forced to tighten policy at a faster pace to combat inflation.

Platinum’s Forex Trading Strategy on the Kiwi

We can see that Kiwi has broken the uptrend channel and has tested it a few times. The momentum is still Bearish, as per the Head and Shoulders pattern formation. We will favour short positions at the 38.2% Fib level @ 0.7245.

At Platinum, we always use stop losses in trading. All trades should have a stop loss not more than 40 pips as stated on the chart. Place alerts at these levels and watch the profitability in front of your eyes and we can have over 200 pips move in one day.

Sell and hold!

NZD/USD Trade Levels to watch

Utilising Platinum’s Forex Trading Strategies, our analysts suggest:

A) Short NZD/USD @ 0.7245 or nearest zone with 40 pips stop loss and target of 0.6860

B) Trade the trap zone with a 30 pip stop loss and an aim of 50 pips

 If you have any questions about this Kiwi Trade, please do not hesitate to talk to one of our mentors/traders and we shall guide you step by step on trading the opportunity with finesse.


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A short looking to target parity and reached the target of 100 pips. The Euro had been stuck between 1.05 and 1.16 after its 3500-pip decline which started in May 2014. The pair managed to break through this range. Once again, with the perfect technical and fundamentals in sync, our members were able to benefit from this trade.

3) AUD/USD trade

A short trade with a 40 pip stop loss. The Aussie is clearly in a point of control, with the momentum still bearish. We provided this trade opportunity well in advance for our members to benefit.

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