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In life, we upgrade everything in our life like upgrading from the iPhone 4,5,6,7,8 etc. But what about upgrading yourself.

Today is the time to upgrade yourself from a retail trader to a professional trader and I am personally, going to give you a chance to do this with me. I will guarantee that within one hour of my time today I shall speak to you personally and change your mindset in forex trading and I can tell you why because when forex trading I have eliminated the decision-making process.

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The last week the crypto markets have been through a lot of ups and downs and all I have to say is be happy that there is volatility. When the markets dip these are buying opportunities so let’s understand one of the most used terms in the crypto markets when we see these lovely falls.


FUD is an acronym for fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The term FUD is used in the cryptocurrency when Bitcoin is at premium levels if you just look at the timeline believe me you will start to see things the way that I do.

Jamie Dimon Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan came out with a negative comment about bitcoin exactly when the price of Bitcoin was at $5200 and crashed the price to $2500 and then announced an apology and created his own crypto fund. So, who lost out when Bitcoin when to $19000 the common retail traders who just do not have faith in their crypto trading plan.


We had several news events and a lot of controversies surrounding South Korea and the government’s attempts to strictly regulate crypto markets and guess what the FSS in 2017 published results that South Korean banks have earned more than 2 billion in commissions from crypto investing! Banks and exchanges are here to make money as simple as that so do not let the markets FUD affect your online forex trading plan.


When you look at the live markets in USD you can literally see that it was the south Koreans short selling the cryptocurrencies.

So, what do we do next first decide if you want to make money from the crypto markets if not then stop straight away as unfortunately, the news that creates the FUD is here to stay? As cryptocurrencies are decentralised the Markets have always run on fear and greed and you need to have a professional trader mindset.

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