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Today’s article is going to be one which aims at the Final BREXIT talks and how it presents a superb Brexit news trading opportunity to make 800 pips.

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A no deal British departure from the European Union (EU) implies different things. First of all, in the present scenario, it would imply that no agreement has taken place between United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU) in the intervening negotiation phase that would come to an end on 29th March, 2019. The negotiations are presently going on as per Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty. As of now, the chances exist that a no-deal Brexit would come into existence in the forthcoming year.


  • Our Forex Fundamental Analysis suggests that no deal would bring scrapping of 21-month-old exit period on 29th March 2019 and it would happen immediately.
  • As per House of Commons report, the instant exit ie Brexit consequences would imply that the United Kingdom would have no legal obligation to pay a £ 39 billion divorce bill to the European Union (EU).
  • This would become a great saving for the United Kingdom (UK) while leaving a big hole in the budget of EU.
  • This would make the relationship between EU and UK worst. The no-deal would also see the residency right of EU national disappear faster than anyone’s expectation.
  • As it is evident, the impending situation would affect more than 3.7 million European Union (EU) nationals residing in the United Kingdom (U.K). Simultaneously, it would also affect 1.3 million U.K. nationals residing in different nations of EU. For this, it has now become essential for every nation of the European Union to bring peaceful deals with the UK in order to assure rights of their own people residing there.


Pound to fall even before next year March– The impact of no deal would come into the picture even before next March. The financial market would try their best to push the pound down further as the markets could foresee the disastrous outcome in the near future. The value of the pound has fallen immediately after Governor Carney’s statements.

Higher inflation– The real value of wages would further come down as the value of Pound falls down sharply following the rise in inflation.

A loss to every household– The loss has already begun following the original Brexit vote. It has cost every household approximately £ 400 a year.

Foreign items to become more expensive– As the value of this currency goes down, the items brought from other nations become costlier in Britain. But on the other hand, things manufactured in Britain become cheaper in other nations. Analysts have warned that in the case of Britain leaving EU without securing a deal, it could create a division in the European financial system and that would shoot up costs for consumers.

The Brexit trade would turn the banking service into a lost commodity service should this happen the live Brexit news would instantaneously crash the Stock Markets as well and the external post-Brexit investment opportunities would be at risk. As most of the demand for their services come from the EU the banks would lose contracts worth trillions of pounds. Many banks would collapse after Brexit.


brexit news

This is a trade that triggered last week from the Platinum trading analysis, the trade was a short @ 1.3020 with a 40 pip stop loss and a target of 1.2800.

The trade triggered on the 29/08/18, these are the updates provided on the trading floor so far.

A) Short GBPUSD @ 1.3020 with a 40 pip stop loss and a target of 1.2800

29/08/18: Trade triggered in the evening

31/08/18: Trade has reached over 50 pips profit, please move stops to Breakeven and part position. Continue to hold over the weekend.

03/09/18: Trade is currently 130 pips in profit, continue to hold and move stops to + 50 pips profit

This is just one example of how our trading analysis works, you can check the chart above and see the last daily candle. The last daily candle on that chart was well before the 29/08/18, all the trades provided here are given well before they trigger. This allows all clients to take advantage and can learn how to trade, we also teach our clients exactly how to do this analysis themselves.

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