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Good Morning,

Have a lot of wonderful news to share from our new proposal in South Africa to our new partner in the south end on sea…read about it here at Platinum’s Forex Blog.

I would love to share a trade that was given out by none other than Trader Rav short name for our Trading phenomenon. On the 13 Th. of January 2016 the Platinum trading team gave the following trade :

Trade A) Long Gold @ 1076 or nearest trading zone with a target of $1250.

The target got hit on the 12th of February 2016. The trade made a whooping 1740 points in the market place. This is in no way or means to blow smoke but what a perfectionist of a trader.

By analysing the chart, you will get the idea of the current fx market trend. If you do not understand this chart or if you need help regarding anything related to fx trading, you can book a free consultation with Platinum Trading Academy today!

I will write my views alongside that of our trading team later tonight. Read more regarding any and all forex trading related updates at Platinum Trading Academy‘s Forex Blog.

Happy Valentines to everybody.

Have a charming day!

Nisha Patel