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As promised, we have a surprise for you today. There are four major financial events in 2016 that will give you returns beyond your belief even if you have never traded before. By just spending 20 mins on a strategic trading consultation, you will be able to make money from the financial markets.

The Platinum Money Making Events for 2016

A) BREXIT – an event to make over 600 forex Pips. Buy and hold.
All of you, reading this post have been hearing about Brexit quite a bit in the last couple of months over the news wires and the Platinum Trading Floor. So what does BREXIT Actually mean? It simply means an EXIT of Britain from the European Union. On February 20th David Cameron, Britain’s prime minister, set June 23rd as the date for a referendum on Brexit. We at Platinum have been studying the Brexit polls and are of the view that there are only small majorities in favour of Brexit at the referendum.

We will prepare and show you how you can take advantage of this once in a lifetime event with strategic trading consultation. If you would like to know more about Brexit please take time to read a post by our senior analyst Nisha Patel.

B) BOJ Intervention – an event to make over 800 forex Pips. Buy and hold.
In the last few months, the YEN has dropped massively. Is this the time to buy and hold this currency and make fabulous returns? Let us show you the right time to buy and hold this particular currency and make some very good returns as we are expecting the bank of Japan to make a very important decision on the YEN.

C) Black Gold – an event to make over 1000 fx Pips on the Canadian dollar.
As all of you might have realised the price of petrol has been very low for the last 12 months and this is all because oil has gone from around $120 to $40 a barrel. Is this the right time to buy oil? Well! let us show one currency that is about to explode and make some fabulous returns.

As always, you would like to see the proof that we can really make calls like this, correct?

Please take just 5 minutes out of your day to watch below video of our January Gold trade which went 1750 points.

If you had followed our Platinum Fundamental analysis in January, within just one trade at £10 a point you would have made £17500.00. Yes, that is correct!

We also wanted to share Platinum’s best forex trading strategy videos which generate an average of 400+ Pips a month. Please click on below image to watch the strategies.

best forex trading strategy

As mentioned earlier in this email, our one to one trading strategy session will be very different to what you are used to. We want you to learn something that has the potential to change your trading future.

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