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Welcome to our Forex blog specially written for individuals that would like to learn to trade the financial markets for a secondary income or become a Forex Trader.

The Foreign exchange Market is a 7 Trillion-dollar market and the term forex is the short form of foreign exchange.

Our blog today is written with the intent to make forex trading for beginners very simple. Forex Trading can be a very lucrative Profession and at our Platinum Online Trading Academy, we teach aspiring individuals to become part-time or full-time forex trader with our various online trading courses.

If you are new to forex trading, then why not attend our FREE BEGINNERS FOREX TRADING INTRODUCTION COURSE which is just a one-day course which can be done from the comfort of your own home and experience the thrill of Live Forex Trading. In this course, we will cover the basic concepts of forex trading such as.

  • What is the forex market?
  • How you can profit from the forex market?
  • We will give you some forex strategies that are used by financial institutions.
  • Also, you will get our beginners guide to forex trading

Here are some basic tips on how to trade the forex markets for beginners.


As a beginner forex trader, you will be exposed to so much information In a short period of time that you will find it hard to comprehend what is the right and wrong way to go about it. In today’s article, we will try and provide you with a concise view of how to approach the market.

Let’s get to know some of these Forex strategies to become proficient with advanced FX trading.



Learn how the market ticks along and what causes the prices to go up and down, learn how to place trades and most definitely make an account on a demo trading platform to practice as much as you can.


So many traders think they can learn to trade by watching forex trading videos, this is only true in a very small percentage of cases. It is important you find the right forex trading course for yourself, find a program with 1-2-1 mentoring, with traders that will take you through things at your own pace. Platinum trading Academy may be the right fit for you but no matter who you decide to go for, speak to them and make sure they aren’t just selling you a dream and fantasies of being a millionaire. We all know by now that life isn’t so simple.

You cannot become a forex day trader overnight.

Many beginners think of trading like their own jobs, the more they work the more you earn. This isn’t the case in trading. Trading takes a certain finesse which can’t be used when taking countless amounts of trades. The saying “slow and steady wins the race “is a great way, to sum up, trading and should be your number 1 motto. Find a forex strategy where you can set your loss also known as stop loss and profit target and let your day trading strategies do the work for you. Trading currencies is more volatile than the stock markets and the prices moves can be very robust, so patience is the key.


As a beginner you will have seen all the hype from people advertising they have become millionaires from forex trading starting with a small trading account, most likely they will be trying to sell you signals to follow them or a 2-day course. Let’s be honest, who can learn the art of trading in 2 days. It’s simply not possible, go for a trading course that takes you through each week progressively. Don’t try to make money too quickly, focus on small gains to achieve the longer-term larger goal.


Buying and selling stock are generally long-term types of investments and generally involve buying and holding stocks for a longer period of time due to low volatility. As a currency trader, you will be focusing on just 6 currency trading pairs Eur/USD, GBP/usd, Aud/Usd, USD/jpy, USD/cad, USD/CHF and not the whole foreign exchange market. At the platinum online trading academy, we will guide you towards the best forex broker to use for beginners.

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Here at Platinum, we approach the trade market like professionals. Beginners too often try to make money quickly in the market thinking it will be a get rich quick scheme. All the traders from Platinum know this to be false and work with our clients progressively to help them reach their goals.

All of our mentoring is conducted entirely on a personal basis, 1-on-1, and provides individuals with the experience of interacting with a professional trader every week. Remember, trading is a marathon, not a sprint, risk less to make more. That is the Platinum Motto.

This is an example of our Methodology in action with a trading opportunity on the Euro/Dollar pair. Everything is clear, concise, and set out directly in front of you.

The Platinum Formula:

Perfect Fundamentals + Perfect Technical Analysis + Perfect Logic + Perfect Risk Management = Perfect Trade


At Platinum Trading Academy, United Kingdom, we teach all individuals from different walks of life to become a full-time trader or create a secondary revenue stream by trading part-time. We trade in an Institutional Way by letting the market come to us and being patient. Using Platinum’s Trading system you can take many Pips out of the market. We can ensure using this style of trading your trading will make a turnaround as you will become much more consistent.

If you want to trade like the professionals do, making consistently profitable returns from your trading, get in touch with us and we will demonstrate live exactly how we approach the markets.

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