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Hello Platinum Traders,

So here we are TODAY on the BREXIT DAY. Let’s have a little flashback into what was posted on April the 7th 2016.

Please check this post and pay particular attention to the 1st event which was Brexit. Now let’s check our results of trading the event live with my Elite Traders.

We had a target to make +600 Fx Pips in the market and we achieved +1266 Pips, all made within a period of 2 hours of trading

Trading the Pips Brexit Live

Live Trading Event for Platinum Elite Traders

Here is the transcript and statement of a whole night's trading from Gibraltar to Dawn. What an exciting event it was. We went by the city to the city and traded them as we saw results come through. For the last 3 months, we at Platinum have been talking about a1000 Pips event. Last night we started trading around 23:00 and by 1:33 we had already completed 10/10 trades which were all winners making a grand total of 749 Pips. Yesterday the elite traders got an insight into true Professional Institutional Trading. We will now be trading the follow-on of this event in the coming day to make some serious Pips.

Transcript of trading

Welcome to this event for the Platinum Elite Traders

Rules for trading this event

  • We shall not over leverage the account
  • The risk for the night is going to be 2% and no more than this
  • Total hours of trading will be 7 hours if we hit our target we will cease trading no matter what the result is
  • All stops have to be guaranteed stops

11:30: Trading commences on Newcastle Votes they have decided to Remain with a small differential and cable has dropped + 500 Pips as this is the second set of results out. We shall take a long only after we see commercial buying coming in.

Trades taken are buy trades from

Trade 1: 1.4422 | Exit @1.4551 | +129 Pips
Trade 2: 1.4422 | Exit @1.4557 | +135 Pips
Trade 3: 1.4422 | Exit @1.4619 | +197 Pips

Total Pips made from this result is 461 Pips

All positions have been closed.

One mini scalp taken by shorting cable at 1.4626

Trade 4: 1.4626 | Exit @1.4610 |  +16 Pips

Now waiting for the next results which according to the news are Sunderland.

I am looking to short Cable around 1.6700

We  could see commercial Selling coming in:

Trades taken are Sell trades from

Trade 5: Entry @1.4694 | Exit @ 1.4667 = +27 Pips
Trade 6: Entry @1.4694 | Exit @1.4665 = +29 Pips

Swindon bought on Pre- remain spike vote….Bought and sold no greed needed.

Trade 7: Entry @1.4538 long | Exit @ 1.4609 = +71 Pips
Trade 8: Entry @1.4538 long | Exit @1.4573 = +35 Pips

Trade9: Entry @1.4480 | Exit @4529 = +49 Pips
Trade10: Entry @1.4480 | Exit @4541 = +61 Pips

Current Status for Platinum Traders Trading the Brexit Event

Overall 10 Scalps 10/10 Won Trades and won with no loss and within 1% margin



We will now have a 5 minutes break and will be back shortly

Basildon calls are for a leave by majority so I will be shorting, let’s get ready in 20 mins to short the market.

Looking to short around 630 if this is the case current time is 1:15 in the morning. So Far trading has been going well but one result could slip us up and knock out some of our profits so what we shall do is now start to decrease our risks. Target is to complete 1000 Pips for Brexit.

Birmingham is going to be critical – thinking is remain go long pre results i.e. on announcement

Yorkshire will be a leave win is my prediction. Go short pre results i.e. on announcement

The time now is 1:30 and not much movements in the markets. Let’s be patient

Basildon results are in favour of leave.

We are short prior to result on speech looking for 30 Pips is target

Trade 11: Entry @1.4582 | Exit @ 1.4569 = +13 Pips. Too dangerous to stay in as we have a lot or results coming at the same time right now. Did not hit full target! No need to panic! Profit is profit.

Trading will get very volatile in the next hour as we will have several results. So we will have to be in and out of the market and be on the button trades.

Cable has been bought as this is bottom of the trading range in the current zone.

Trade 12: Entry @1.4478 | Exit @1.4513 scalp trade bought due to no results due and bottom of the range +35 Pips

The results of Wales just came out and several other constituents with leave cable is tanking, we will wait for a double bottom and target 4060, the stop required will be +100 Pips on this so only take this trade if you feel comfortable because there could be a stop hunt.

Trade 13: Entry @1.4070 bought on bounce. Still sitting perfectly within our 1% margin. We will now buy on dips and technical trading only.

All Trades from 13 to 20 are logged below:


So my dear LinkedIn followers and well-wishers, once again thank you very much for you time and wonderful messages. I have consistently tried to help all my followers in one way or the other.

The result of this event was as predicted in my post on the 7th of April 2016 and I hope that yet again I have shown you that at Platinum we do really achieve some very good results. A total of 1266 Pips achieved with 20 Trades and we won all 20 trades. This is not always the case at all but we achieve above 78% on our trading. We stopped trading at this point as we have achieved our results.

I hope you enjoyed my article if you did like it please like and share the article and if you want to learn to trade forex please feel free to Book Your FREE Consultation and one of our Senior Traders will assist you in developing you into a Full-Time Financial Trader.

Have a beautiful brexit week!

Nisha Patel