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Extreme Zone Strategy

Hello Platinum Traders,

What we are about to show you today will actually blow your mind away! In the world of financial trading, you have fundamental events every single day and you can take advantage of them by learning exactly how to trade them. There are literally 100’s of Pips a month to be made in a month with minimal risk.

The exciting part is that if we showed you a strategy that would be full proof and could make you £15000 a year without any stress, would you be interested? Well, let’s take a look at this strategy live in action now!

Platinum introduces the Extreme Zone Strategy with a 98% success rate.

Take a look yourself.

The above trade is a pure example of how the extreme zone strategy works on USD/JPY.

On this particular day prime minister Abe declared that Japan would be increasing their Quantitative Easing to stimulate the economy. You may ask why he needs to increase Quantitative easing. The reason is because the Yen was increasing in strength too much to the point where exports were being affected. This statement that he made weakened the Yen severely and as a result the extreme zone strategy came into play.

Do you need to be a full-time trader to do this or even a part time trader? Not at all!

Just place your orders on the system in the morning which takes 5 mins and remove them in the night which takes another 5 mins. Literally, set and forget! No matter what the event and come home to profitability.

Video link to the exact strategy

The extreme zone trading has a 98% success rate, this is probably the one and only trading system in the open retail market which will tell you when the markets will stop and reverse.

We are so confident about our extreme zone strategy that we place the trades in big events such as FOMC, BOE, BOJ and SNB.

If you would have just traded this strategy in 2014 and 2015, you would have produced 1500 Pips a year. At £10 point that’s £15,000 last year.

For people who don’t have the time to trade, this is the perfect forex trading strategy.

If you would like to learn more about this strategy, Book Your FREE Consultation and you can have Platinum implement this trade strategy for you today.

Take care, have a beautiful day!

Kind Regards,

Nisha Patel

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