Major Reasons Why Bitcoin should be a part of your portfolio in 2018


My Name is Nirav Shah, the founder of The Platinum Financial Group, and one of the first individuals to introduce Crypto-Education into the UK. After trading in the financial sector for well over 16 years of my life, I came across Cryptocurrencies through a dear friend of mine called Andrew Storer.

We have been broadly speaking about the Crypto Markets for more than 18 months, and it seems like the sceptics have finally turned their head towards The Platinum Crypto Academy saying ‘you were right’.

This year we have predicted the major moves to $5000, $10,000, and $15000 prior to Christmas, and this is exactly what has happened. We have 4 Major Crypto Analysts that have worked day and night from a Fundamental and Technical view to bring such accurate forecasts.

So why should Bitcoin be a part of your portfolio in 2018?

2017 will be remembered as the Golden Year of Cryptocurrencies. From $850 to $17,000 in a matter of eleven months. Is it a dream? Is this even possible? Well, it’s not a dream, and it happened. Mark Cuban, Microsoft, Santander, Tom Lee (a wall street strategist and former Director of JP Morgan), Richard Branson, I could sit here and go on and on about the some of the largest companies who have adopted and embraced Blockchain Technology, and they say it is more than likely we shall see $100,000 as the Price Point for Bitcoin in the following years.

There is no Bitcoin bubble

The term “Bubble” is nowadays being used in the most ambiguous way. Being a student of Economics for well over 16 years, and after studying and trading through all three of the markets, i.e. Property, dot com, and Financial Bubbles. I can say this categorically: There is no Bitcoin bubble.

The total value of Bitcoin at this point in time is just too small in proportion to the broader economy. While it’s true that the market has jumped up more than 1,900% this year, if the so-called ‘bubble’ does burst, it will have a negligible impact on the world economy, as the Market cap is only $450 billion.

The fearmongering about the so-called ‘bubble’ should stop and sensible economic discussion should resume.

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Bitcoin Acceptance will Explode & Hit the Roof in 2018 

Top 10 Companies that are looking to accept Bitcoin in 2018

1) McDonalds

2) British Airways

3) Starbucks

4) Argos

5) Amazon

6) Microsoft has already started

7) Dish (one of the largest Satellite companies)

8) Overstock

9) Intuit

10) PayPal (In a roundabout way)

As all of you are probably already aware, Bitcoin is an official payment method now in Japan since April 2017. Now more than 422,000 retail outlets/stores and restaurants are accepting Cryptocurrency, and this sets a precedent for other countries.

I remember back in the month of May, the volumes of Cryptocurrencies were sitting around $100 billion, and today have exploded to above $450 billion.

Check out this chart below:


Remember what I say, and once the companies that I mentioned in this article start the full acceptance of Bitcoin, Trading Volumes will increase, alongside wallet purchases like nothing you have seen or experienced before, and this movement that has started in 2017 will become unstoppable.

Nirav Shah’s View on Regulation of the Cryptocurrencies:

We have a lot of clients that ask us the question about regulation and what will happen in the near-term future. My personal view is that we shall see an increase in demand for regulation, and once the financial institutions are given the green signal from the respective regulatory committees, we could see billions invested overnight into this Crypto-space. Even more of a reason why Bitcoin should be a part of your portfolio in 2018.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking at approving Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs) in 2018, which would allow some of the major financial institutions to bring both their personal, and client investment to the forefront in the Crypto-space. This would bring a massive boost to the volume, and also give clients security.

‘tZero’ has also recently gained regulatory compliance with the SEC and FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) for an Alternative Trading System (ATS) for Blockchain Assets.

Bitcoin Derivatives

Who would’ve thought that Bitcoin derivatives would even be considered about three years ago? Well, a strategic partner of the CME Group called ‘BitGo’ is going to make all this possible.

If these heavily-regulated and compliant companies have a vested interest in Cryptocurrencies, then this is the final sign that Cryptocurrencies are rocking and rolling all the way up, with Bitcoin looking to hit $100,000.

In the last decade, we have seen several major companies that swept the world in shock of acceptance overnight, a primary example was Uber. Mark my words today, Bitcoin is going to do exactly the same. There are now over 2,300 coins in the market, and this is only going to carry on increasing. This continuous increase is down to the way the Crypto-market is trying to solve the market’s problems by using the Crypto-technology.

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