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I hope you have had a great start to 2019 and this year you can get a healthy work-life balance in place. We would really love to assist you in trying to achieve a part-time income, secondary income, earn extra money and seriously increase your trading profits by teaching you how to trade forex at our day trading academy with a personal trading mentor. Online Trading is gathering a phenomenal pace in a lot of countries around the world.

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Today, our Forex Trading Blog will cover important economic and market news to watch out for, and which can assist you further in your online trading career, in addition to professional forex forecasts for 2019.

The US Economic Outlook for 2019 and a brief preview of 2018

Platinum analysts have finally got to their roundtable conference for the economic outlook for 2018, and their in-depth research shows that the US economy is growing at a healthy pace. One of the key factors to measure the economy is an economic indicator called GDP. This is known as the gross domestic product, which is a measurement of the nation’s production output. Our analyst predicts that the growth rate for 2019 shall remain between two to three percent, which is the average, and also a safe growth rate. Donald Trump promised to increase the economic growth to 4 percent which could lead to an irrational boom that could lead to a bubble syndrome.

When an economy grows at this pace, it could lead to the failure of short-term business cycles. All Business Cycles are dependent on supply and demand with long-term and short-term borrowings.

From the latest federal open market committee meeting which was held on December 19th of 2018, the final figures of US GDP growth would be based at 3 percent. The figures to follow as per forecast would be 2.3 percent in 2019, 2 percent in 2020 and 1.8 percent in 2021. The primary reason for this slowdown is a result of the Trump economic policies.

A brief snippet of the other Key economic indicator and the forecast are as follows:


Chart: The Balance Source: The Federal Reserve

Interest Rates in 2019.

If you have been following the currency exchange markets closely, you must be aware that the current fed funds rate was raised to 2.5% in December, and as per forecasts, the base rate is likely to increase by another 50 basis points to reach approximately three percent. This is the target for the Federal Open Market Committee for 2019.

Tips and tricks for Forex Beginners:

One of the key roles of the Fed Funds rate is to control the short-term interest rates.

Under the short-term Intrest Rates this would be liable for :

  • Bank Prime Rate
  • Libor
  • Variable or adjustable rate loans
  • Credit Card Interest Rates.

The Fed is not replacing any of its purchased securities which it purchased during its QE Phase back in 2014. On the contrary, they started reducing its treasury holding in the last quarter of 2017. As a result of no more purchasing, there will be an increase in the supply which will result in an increase in the treasury market. This will increase the value of the 10-year note. All of this will have an impact in driving the long-term interest rates like corporate bonds and fixed mortgage interest rates.

If you are on variable interest rates, try and get a long-term fixed interest rate!

  • Should you buy a property in this kind of market where the interest rates are increasing, and the market volatility is increasing with this?

Being veteran Traders for nearly 18 years in the financial Markets these are very uncertain times with every individual calling the market crash. I would like to explain this, in brief, a little better.


What causes a market crash?

In the Financial Market, you will keep hearing different terms such as a market crash, market corrections, black swan events, and bear markets. Our aim here is to ensure that you understand what defines a crash and what is the differentiation between these terms.

  • A Market Correction is an event where the market drops by 10%
  • A Bear Market is where the markets drop by around 20%
  • Market Crash is where the markets fall by 35% to 65% over a period of 3-6 months.
  • What is the difference between recession and depression?

Alongside the words market crash, what we hear a lot is words like recession and depression. So let’s bring some clarity to both these terms.

  • A Recession is where we see a decline in the economy over a period of 6 months or higher.
  • A Depression is where the economy is in a recession for more than two years, and the GDP of the country drops by 10%.

What is a black swan event?

When we see the markets drop all of a sudden, or investment management analysts start talking about black swan event, what they generally mean is a catastrophic event that has affected the financial markets. These events are very difficult to predict and have extreme consequences. An example would be the 9/11 attacks. If you would like to know how to earn money from these events, please attend our Forex Trading News Events every Wednesday at 14:30 GMT.


How to prepare and benefit from a market crash? 

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We wish you all the best for 2019.

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