Perfect Trade

Good Morning All,

As you can see I always see the market from a “Commercial Trading” perspective. It’s obvious, I get asked the same question again and again. Is it really possible to make money from the financial markets? What is the Perfect Trade?

I believe in just one thing since the last 5 months with Platinum, it has happened right in front of my eyes and I have posted most of the articles way before time. When I trade with Nirav Shah, our CEO. it’s all about the following.

Finding the perfect trade which has a great risk/reward ratio

What defines the Perfect Trade?

Platinum trade may not occur every trading day but just 5 times a month is more than enough.

Perfect Technical Setup + Perfect Fundamental Support + Perfect Logic + Perfect EES (Entry, Exit & Stop Loss)



Silver trend has been called with perfection

  • We told you silver would be breaking out and gunning for $19 and today it is at $20.40.
  • A Beautiful 500 Points trade profit.
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Gold has been called in January – Perfect Trade

  • We told you Gold would be breaking out and gunning for $1250
  • A Beautiful 1740 points trade profit


Gold trend has been called in July with perfection

  • We told you Gold would be breaking out and gunning for $1363 and today it is at $1358 from the date we got to a low of $1305 when all the retail traders were calling trend reversal. This was a post Brexit trade which loads of people said what are you doing in messages! And look at it today $1358 almost got to $1363 our target.
  • A Beautiful 530 Points trade profit
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  • I promised on the BREXIT event to the Elite Traders that we would make +1000 PIPS on the BREXIT day and that is exactly what we did.
  • A total of 1266 Pips were made in a matter of 2 hours on this event. We have a transcript of the trades and the statement to show you the work done in those 2 hours.
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What I am trying to prove by writing the above, is that, in a matter of 6 months by proper documentation of trades, understanding institutional order flow and trading via the Platinum Trading Strategies, we can trade commodities and Big Fundamental Events with finesse and do the perfect trade!

Is trading for everyone? That question can only be answered by your own mind-set. If you want someone to tell me when to buy and sell, this is not the correct mindset to have as a trader.

Just recognise the trend and find the best entry and Perfect Trade with a lower risk and go for your goal.

It’s simple, every single one of these 4 Trades called has been done way prior to time and all trades have been documented and transcript as I began my Journey with Platinum which you can read here.

A Grand Total of –

Trade 1: 500 points + Trade 2: 1740 points + Trade 3: 530 points + Trade 4: 1266 points

You have to learn to trade forex and what to trade. If you want to be given a signal service where you are given trades, you will never become a trader.

By trading the above at just £10 a point you would have made £40,000 in just 4 trades over a period of 5 months.

What are the next big money-making events over the following months?

  • EU Referendum – 34 EU Referendums could be taking place and this means 34 fundamental events that could set you up for life as a Platinum Elite Trader
  • The American elections – A chance to trade the elections where we will be    trading safe haven and hedging pairs like Swissy and Gold
  • The October fall and sell-off on indices and a beautiful Risk-Off Event for selling EURO and GBP
  • The Santa Rally where we shall be looking at a Risk on an event to buy and hold a trade for up to 3 months.

Don’t be confused by the names of the events, in short, these are all some beautiful events to make some very decent gains in the markets.

Hope you have gained a little bit more confidence in the way we trade and the way I have been trading live.

Thank you once again for all your support if you would like any further information. Please book a free consultation today.

Take care, have a beautiful day!

Kind Regards,

Nisha Patel

Live from the Platinum Trading Floor