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What are your trading plans for 2016?

2016 Fx Trading Plans

As you are probably aware 2015 was a volatile year in the currency trade markets as the world’s central banks revealed their policies and implemented them with ruthless efficiency. So, read below to get help on how you can go about creating Fx Trading plans for 2016.

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However for us Platinum traders this is where the fun begins, in 2016 we will have central bank divergence, this means that the USD will be strong against the GBP/EUR/JPY/CHF/AUD/NZD and for us this means we are already planning our trades for next year, and we’re doing that today.

Trending markets are going to offer us the opportunity to exploit this divergence and make huge gains across all markets.

We want to give you an exclusive insight into the world of institutional trading and show you that by using the same forex trading techniques your fx trading results will change forever and 2016 will be your best year yet.

Join our exclusive webinar to discover how the Professionals trade, what techniques do they use and how they generate a sustainable income from fx trading. Fund managers, the world over are salivating at the thought of making huge sums of money in the coming twelve months and we want you to do the same.

What are your fx trading plans for 2016?

  • Same forex trading techniques, same strategies, same results?
  • Isn’t it about time you stopped being amateur in a professional world?
  • Most retail traders are unaware that the banks control 90% of the daily traded volume of the Forex market, yet only 5% of the world’s forex traders work at the banks.
  • If you want to be successful Forex trading you need to understand just what it is that the 5% do.

Are you a typical Retail trader?

  • Are you still using indicators to make your fx trading decisions?
  • Have you been taught to be time frame dependent?
  • Do you often buy at the high of the day or sell at the low?
  • Has your prior education skipped over how the banks operate and trade in the Forex market?

If you find yourself answering mostly yes to the above then stop fx trading….stop right now!!!
What you are doing, will waste your time, your effort and most of all your money.

The Platinum Trading Academy doesn’t teach you how to be a retail trader, you’re going to be taught the art of professional trading and be shown the techniques the banks have been using for decades to generate billions in profits.

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