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Brent Crude oil is at a 4 year high today at close to $83.24 per barrel this could be the perfect opportunity to increase the profitability of your portfolio or time to change your investment strategy Crude oil has been to the heights of almost $200 a barrel and only now has started to regain its strength and broken the $50 a barrel just as of recent.

I guess for oil and gas offshore workers it will create more jobs but if you are working offshore and would like to learn how to trade crude oil get in touch with us today. As of recent crude oil, trading has had an active market participation from both corporate and individual forex and commodity traders. When trading Crude oil there is one currency that is closely co-related and this is the Canadian dollar.

Most currency traders always have charts of both crude oil and USD/CAD open at all times as they can benefit from both financial instruments. The best intraday trading strategy for Crude oil that can be used by futures traders in the crude oil market is our Automatic Commodity trading system which will give you alerts at key levels throughout the day. A Clear example of how platinum crude oil traders made profits from the crude oil market is given in the above video. This Intraday Strategy can give you a minimum of 30 points per trade which is the equivalent of around 600 pips a month.

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