Thank you for watching our trading forex video and today lets discuss this Effective long-term approach to markets. After pip watching the financial markets over a number of years for newbie forex traders, it is always tempting to apply a shorter term forex strategy to gain quick profits but remember that quicker they come the quicker they go.

One Longer term forex trade can be more profitable then several short-term trades and this would make the life of a trader less stress full. This strategy is used by most position traders in the Financial Institutions and banks. Forex Brokers may charge you to hold your positions depending on your CFD Contract but the charges are minimal compared to the amazing profits you could achieve.

There are a lot of reasons why we at platinum believe that a longer-term strategy will set you up for success and the video clearly shows the fruits of the platinum methodology above.

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Today’s Trading on the AUD/USD or otherwise known as the Aussie Dollar is another great currency that you should be looking to trade in the market. The Australian Open is generally a range bound market due to the low volatility. Be aware of the times you should be trading. This particular trade was given out on Sunday Evening Prior to the markets Opening as most of our Analysis on Fx is done prior to the forex market open.

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This trade made over a 140 pips and we would love to share our currency trading techniques to you as this is all based on our currency intelligence map. Please sign up to our website in which you will find the most informative forex Blog for 2018.

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