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Today I want to discuss our forex intraday strategies that can be used by day traders who love to get involved in short-term trading and like to take quick profits from the forex markets. At platinum, we developed this day trading system for professional forex traders.

The Platinum Forex system can be used for trading all the following: GBP/USD – Trade cable or sterling on the London open EUR/USD- Learn to trade Fundamental Speeches and make a ton of pips USD/CAD- Execute Trades on both Canadian dollar and oil as these are both very closely co-related.

Also, 11 More pairs are available to take advantage off! The Trade that I am talking about in the video today is the Forex Trade that has been taken on the platinum forex system, this systems has cost more than £500,000 to develop and has also been used by Market analysts.

Our CEO Was interviewed on the NYSE for this particular system. So if you would like to see the system live in action then click here and book a session with myself or one of our 16 Forex Mentors that have experience with the banks like Goldman Sachs, UBS and Credit Suisse.

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Many Forex traders struggle with finding the correct entry and exit points into the market as they do not have a proper Plan of Action. The Platinum System finds you all the correct entries to trade the market.

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It makes Trading Forex easy and cuts out all the analysis which take hours on end after all you are here to achieve financial freedom via taking advantage of a currency and not do what traders in forex do. Forget being up at awkward times of the day just let the automated analysis talk to via your laptop or desktop. Sign up to our forex blog today and take our 2 Day Trading Challenge on our extreme zone and 3rd zone strategy that will increase your profits substantially!

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