The Platinum Trading System eliminates countless hours of screen time and technical analysis spent on the foreign exchange markets. The currency markets provide multiple buy or sell opportunities and unless you have a trading strategy in the forex market, retail investor’s accounts generally lose money. If you are a new trader, we provide a demo account so you can profit from the fluctuations on the exchange rate without the risk of losing money. Our Platinum team will install your trading platform free of charge so you can see how our strategies perform live right in front of your eyes.

On a separate note, always ensure you use an authorised and regulated Broker. When we say authorised for the UK, the Broker should be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Short term traders often lose money rapidly due to leverage and we recommend you speak to one of our FX Mentors to advise you of the correct leverage to use while trading currencies as our objectives are to protect you from losing your money while trading currencies.

In today’s video, we look at how we produced over 140 pips in the market from two very simple forex trading strategies, our swing trading & day trading strategies, that anyone can use around a full-time job. Our forex strategies are so easy and simple to implement that anyone of any background can pick it up with ease.

The trades we have in this video are on the Euro (EURUSD), Dollar-Yen (USDJPY), Aussie (AUDUSD), and the Kiwi (NZDUSD). The trades would have been simple pending orders placed at the start of the day. As you can see from the video how the trades are explained is very simple and producing over 140 pips in profit in just a week of trading. Traded at £/$ 10 per pip that’s £/$ 1400 trade profit this week.

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