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The British Summer is in full swings and a lot of free Vitamin D available at your fingertips. If you remember I sent you an email predicting a massive move in the markets which we saw play out the very next day after my secondary email about candle counting.

At Platinum, we shorted the market and took an excellent clean 160+ Points with our Platinum Momentum Trading Swing Strategy. Remember: The Fundamentals this week signalled a stop hunt and bias to short The Technicals gave us an approximate level to short the markets.

The Logical, ie the trading system gave us the almost perfect entry.

We also trade three currencies and made 340 pips on the following Currency Pairs. GBP/USD-Short@1.2360 on the 26/01/2020 SL 40 Pips Target 150 Pips AUS/USD-Short@0.6675 on the 27/01/2020 SL 40 Pips Target 110 Pips NZD/USD-Short@0.6230 on the 26/01/2020 SL 40 Pips Target 80 Pips Total Pips Made on Currencies=340 Pips This week Platinum Traders walked out with a total of 500 Pips/Points without incurring any losses.

A lot of traders spend more time trading than planning and charting, and this is one of the primary reasons they tend to fail. I am hoping that my emails are helping you to gain a good perspective and if you would like me to take you through the Pips/Points and trade setups please book a slot in my diary below! https://www.platinumtradingacademy.co…

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