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Today we will be discussing our Profitable News Trading Strategy! Did you know that trading the news has been one of the most feared events by forex traders? Today we have deciphered trading forex news events for our Traders!

Trading the News does not have to be complicated:
A)Understand the time the news event takes place.
UK News:
9:30 BST
EU News:
9:00 BST
US News:13:30 BST

*These are three core News-Times a forex trader should be aware of.

B)Get your Platinum Trading System Open.

C)Understand your risk management before your trade setup.
*Risk half of what you risk on a standard trade

D)Get ready to execute and profit within minutes.

E)If you are interested in short term trading where you can take advantage of the markets within minutes, then this is the perfect strategy for you.

Remember this Profitable News Trading Strategy works on major events such as:
Interest Rates – Inflation – Employment Data – Economic Growth
Retail Sales – Industrial Production – Housing Data – Trade Balance
Consumer Confidence Surveys – Business Sentiment Surveys – Manufacturing Sector Surveys

If you would like to understand how to use this strategy more in-depth, please book a consultation here, and we will get one of our Senior Traders to take you through a live forex news trading session. https://www.platinumtradingacademy.co…

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