Trading news events on the foreign exchange market can be hazardous to the inexperienced trader. If you’re unprepared as news reports are released you could find that your trading strategies are rendered ineffective, and the forex market will punish you for your lack of preparation. Professional traders will be aware of every high-impact economic news event in the market and will perform a great deal of technical analysis to ensure they’re not setting up high-risk trades, but instead, are aiming for realistic short-term gains.

Economic releases are major market moving events. For example, if the central bank of a major country alters its interest rate beyond the expected level, this can have an enormous impact on the financial markets, moving currency pairs hundreds of points in a particular direction within moments.

Forex traders who are new to the scene (and were perhaps taken in by certain Youtube advertisements of certain mobile trading platforms) can face unfortunate consequences due to these events because they are blissfully unaware of the some of the news releases that highly impact the market.

In this video, we talk about the FOMC event and explore the impact it had on the markets in just a matter of minutes, now you might be thinking that you would have to be staring at your trading platform full time in order to take these trades… But in reality, forex trading doesn’t have to be that difficult or time-consuming.

There are a number of complicated financial instruments you can rely on. Or… You could use our system, and the incredibly simple layout of our buy and sell zones. Now I know you might be thinking that you would then buy every buy zone and sell every sell zone, but that’s not the case. There are certain zones within these that you would want to target, and for a certain group of news releases, these zones would be the 4th Zone.

When you learn to trade the news the way professional traders do, you start to realise how the foreign exchange market really works, and you begin to place your currency trades very differently.

There are people out there who make a consistent income from the market, and you too can join that exclusive group of people by taking that crucial first step, and investing in yourself.

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