Good Morning Forex Traders,

Another trading week has gone by, and the financial markets have given us some excellent day trading profits this week. The Economic News releases have been in favour of our Intraday trading techniques and given us more than 100 pips.

At Our Forex Trading Academy, we understand that investing for beginners can be a confusing process and that is why we ask you to attend our “how to trade forex for beginners’ course” which is a free day trading course with a private forex mentor and we will teach you our Beginner forex day trading strategies and get you on the road to profitability.

Learn to trade the markets with our intraday trading techniques that are used by our Intraday Traders around the world. The forex trading strategy of the week was our Longer-term trading strategy also known as swing trading strategy in the financial markets.

Out of the six major forex pairs the trading opportunity came into play on the Euro also known as EUR/USD. This is a set and forget Intraday Trading Technique and can be used by an intraday trader, Part-time trader or even by someone who uses this just to build up a secondary income.

It’s as simple as Place you trade in the morning and collect your profits in the evening. Our Financial Traders at our Platinum forex trading Academy aim to provide each client with their own personalised forex trading plan and develop their skills to help them not only day trade but swing trade and makes profits with consistency.

If you had been trading with Platinum this week at just £5 per pip, you would have netted over £500. Don’t forget to watch out for our New Forex Trading Videos Released every Friday! Have a great day Arron Uppal We Make your money work for you!

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