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Learning to trade can be both fun and lucrative if you are just beginning to trade.

In today’s video, we will discuss an absolutely perfect swing trade which made more than 180 pips. For those that are new, the first question that may come to mind is What is swing trading?

There are many techniques used by retail traders when it comes to trading currencies. Many traders use shorter timeframes to trade and try and take a couple of pips here and there.

Swing traders are generally more successful that Intraday traders as they work on longer-term time frames and have a more accurate plan of action when it comes to institutional order flow.

Swing trading is defined by holding positions generally for more than a day, week and some instances a month.

If you were holding the yen as an example for about 2-3 years, you could have made in excess of 30000 points that is correct!

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