Hi Platinum Traders,

What is the most asked question on the planet for forex traders?

“Where is the best place to take my entry on a currency pair?”

Let me today explain a few things; every currency pair has psychological levels such as 00,30,50 and 80. Remember, trading is all about odds, and certain currencies abide by the law of numbers more than others, but the six majors are definitely influenced by these levels most of the time.

So today’s strategy is based on Range Reversals! This Range Reversal Strategy can be traded using the following:
1) The Platinum Trading System
2) The Fibonacci Levels
3) Simple Price Action

When trading forex, a lot of traders tend not to observe the market structure and just jump straight in the deep end and learn how to trade using the major indicators. Once you understand Micro and Dynamic Structures in trading, you can take serious advantage of the markets. It’s one of the most reliable methods of Intraday trading that 90% of professional traders use to build their pip banks.

What do we know about intraday traders:
A) They miss the majority of the big moves as they are not privy to bank order flow
B) They try and trade intraday bounce levels without going into historical price action levels
C) After the loss or win on one currency pair, they start looking at other currency pairs

The Platinum Range Reversal Strategy lets you do all the following:
– Study Dynamic structure
– Take advantage of Bank Order Flow
– Map out historic levels and Key Price Action levels

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Enjoy this trading video, and if you have any questions, please let us know.

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