The Gold Traders in your local shopping centre aren’t the only ones who can profit from buying or selling ounces of gold. Today we’ll look at how traders of the financial markets can profit from the price of gold.

Of course, we’re not talking about purchasing physical gold, or gold bullion. Instead, we’re talking about extracting profits from price movements in the gold market.

How to Trade Gold – What you Need to Know

Like all tradable assets, gold is subjected to supply and demand levels, and price fluctuations based on factors like interest rates being set by central banks.

Some people trade gold in the long term by waiting for the price to sink to an important supply level, buying gold, and then hoping the market will reverse and the demand for gold to remain consistent for a long time.

Others take advantage of the factors mentioned above and will place short term trades based on their analysis and the expected outcome of fundamental events such as interest rates.

If you wish to start taking advantage of gold’s price movements, then we would recommend starting off with a demo account to ensure you’re not losing your money while perfecting your particular style of trading, a demo account can also be thought of as one of trading’s most important safe havens as you can test your skills on the market with no real risk.

There are many other ways to trade gold, such as buying and selling physical gold as we mentioned before, or even trading gold ETFs, but none are as versatile as trading gold live as we have in today’s video.

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