Competition is ferocious when it comes to the Employed sector in the year 2018 and at platinum online forex trading academy we believe that the stock market has a big chance of collapsing in the next 6 months. This could lead to the loss of jobs; increased interest rates and the cost of living could go through the roof.

In today’s video, we discuss how to day trading while working a full-time job is possible and very profitable. I often hear traders say that they cannot start day trading because of their busy work schedules. In this video, I share how to make day trading possible and how platinum trading academy supports its members to make it successful.

This is all about making the market work for YOU! Life should get easier as you grow older and not the other way around. At Platinum Trading Academy we would like to share a means and way for you to learn how to create multiple revenue streams by learning how to trade and make money in the forex market.

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The stages of becoming a professional trader if you are working full time are as follows:

A) Part-Time Forex Trading Education just 3 hours a week on the foreign exchange market.

B) Start trading on your forex Brokers Demo Account

C)Prove that you have 3 forex strategies that can make small but consistent gains and try gaining perfection on one currency pair.

D)Go live on a small trading account with real money after at least 90 days of trading

E) At this point, you should be a part-time successful trader making money from the fluctuations on the exchange rates.

F) After you become proficient and do this with consistency you can move on to becoming a full-time trader and making money trading this 24 hours market.

Forex traders generally divide their fund into the following: -Long Term Forex Trading Strategies. -Scalping which is taking short-term intraday positions -Currency trading options -Intraday Reversals- Forex Day trading strategies Trading Forex doesn’t have to be difficult! See how our members Profit each Month!

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