When it comes to using an advanced intraday trading technique in the high volatility that is the forex market, it’s important to be clear on each and every aspect of your strategy. You need to have clear risk management and a maximum loss already set out for your trading session. Day traders can often sit in losing trades simply because they haven’t clearly defined their stop-loss within both their long positions and short positions.

There are many day trading strategies out there claiming to be the best intraday trading strategy, some are utilised in both the forex market and the stock market, however, a stock price is very different to a currency price. Therefore, we need to disconnect the currency market and share market in our minds, while the charting may be similar, there are a lot of differences that make it dangerous to mix strategies between the two.

If you’re already purchasing stocks for intraday trading and are looking to expand into forex, I would encourage caution when it comes to utilising strategies that you may already be familiar with. Utilising the Best Intraday Trading Strategy: At Platinum, all our Intraday trades have certain things in common.

Our entry and exit prices are carefully devised to ensure perfect risk to reward ratios. As we are looking for short-term gains, we carefully analyse both the ongoing news events of the day, as well as price movement and the level of price action. If we feel the price has moved erratically during the day, we exercise a great deal of caution so as not to simply throw away our capital. Lastly, we ensure every aspect of the best intraday trading strategy we have has been followed to the letter, once these criteria have been met, we place our pending order and await the result. As you can see from the video, this strategy is magnificently effective and can extract over 100 pips from the market in just a single trade. Get in touch today, and learn the best intraday trading strategy for yourself! If you liked the Video, please Subscribe to our Channel.

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