The trades in the above video use some of our best swing trading strategies which can be used around a full-time job. The trades were given well prior to them triggering allowing our clients to take advantage of the analysis and generate a profit. If these opportunities were traded at £10 per point, the profit would be £2,500 in just one week from 3 simple trades.

Among our best swing trading strategies is one that is similar to the counter-trend strategy, when the market hits a certain point laid out in our daily analysis on the Platinum Trading Floor, we look to buy or sell that particular pair with a pre-set stop loss and a predetermined profit level at which we wish to exit the trade.

This strategy is both ideals for the medium and short-term depending on the analysis provided. It’s best to remember that when you’re trading forex you must do your fundamental research, much like trading stocks, the value of the asset is heavily dependent on the entity behind it.

In the case of Forex, we must look at the ongoing economic activity of the various countries involved, as well as their approach to fiscal policy, once these are clear in our minds, we can then move on to applying our trading methods, or using our trading system for our technical analysis to find those all-important trading opportunities.

When trading with Platinum’s best swing trading strategies, you don’t have to rely on any time frame, or wait for price breaks, selling pressure, or price action, your day trading can simply consist of spending just a few minutes at the start of the day placing pending orders, applying trading strategies that work time and time again.

The best swing trading strategies are the ones that you don’t have to watch or worry about, swing traders can spend a lot of time staring at the progress of their trade, wondering if they’ve made the right decision as the price fluctuates, with Platinum, all that worry goes away, we provide you with perfect support and resistance levels, and analyse the swing highs and swing lows to ensure perfect entry points to perfect your swing trading technique.

The best swing trading strategies are the ones that make you money, and the best swing trading strategies, are the ones we use here at Platinum. If you liked the Video, please Subscribe to our Channel.

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