Hello Platinum Traders,

I hope you all had a great week.

Another week in Paradise as they say!

The Markets are in consolidation mode as the dollar pairs such as JPY and CHF give back some gains. Commodity pairs seem to be making a steady gain, and as usual, Friday is known for profit-taking so this should not an anomaly to our traders.

The Pair of the week has to be Kiwi, i.e. NZD/USD as the RBNZ made a surprise hold statement and this was least expected, and this is where a lot of money can be made in trading. Trading the financial markets is not hard; it’s about being patient and waiting for surprise announcements.

If you traded just 15 events in a month and had two surprise statements, you can make over 400 pips a month. Book a trading session with Colin Smith, our News Trading Specialist, to find out more.

Both Cable and Euro are in rangebound mode due to state of indecision in the economy, but our traders are getting ready for a BIG MOVE on Tuesday the 19th of November 2019.

At Platinum, we have access to circuit trading which is an average of buying and selling on the six major currencies among 330 Circuit traders which we have developed in the Market Cap Strategy. This Intraday strategy can be used to trade market reversals and can average anywhere between 3000-3500 pips in a year.

We hope you have a great weekend and take time to rejuvenate and if you wish to make money from the markets, email us on mentor@platinumtradingacademy.com!

Happy Trading.

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