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After numerous consultations and conclusive research, we found that most retail traders are frustrated with the deluge of technical indicators. This overload of information is confusing and ineffective. Most retail traders tend to use multiple trend trading indicators and signal systems to help predict market movements, which is flawless in theory, but markets do not move based on indicators.

Bankers and big Financial Institutions are always making huge amounts of money from trading Forex with Forex trading strategies that work in real-time. Markets move each day based on the Institutional Order Flow. Understanding how the institutional trading world works is the key to being a successful professional trader in the retail market, rather than trying to guess how the banks trade.

The Platinum methodology embraces the Institutional methods of trading. We educate our members who would like to become professional day traders or swing traders to think like Institutional Traders rather than Retail Traders. Trading in the same style will not only be profitable but also far less stressful for the retail trader. We want you to be making your trading decisions based on confirmed entry points and be confident with each trade that you make.

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At the heart of our continued success of the Platinum Trading System, is the highly complex Platinum Confluence Matrix.

This highly developed algorithmic Matrix makes trading a pleasure. The Confluence Matrix takes away the need to tick boxes, the need to spend time on your Technical Analysis, the need to look at multiple time frames; all of your focus can be fully applied to waiting for the Matrix to provide you with the optimum entry level for your trades.

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