When it comes to trading the Forex market at a professional level, there is nothing that moves the markets more substantially than news events and economic releases. Professional traders will look towards interest rate decisions, non-farm payroll, and other economic news announcements from central banks, and various government bodies in order to ascertain the strength of a country on an economic level and get a feel for how these important news events may affect the value of the country’s currency. Once these events have been assessed, it’s time to apply your news trading strategy.

When trading the news, it’s important to beware of erratic price action, news releases can make mince-meat out of both support and resistance levels, and could even break stop losses in seconds. Finding the right price moves and trading opportunities is a skill that retail traders often learn the hard way.

Platinum’s Forex News Trading Strategy: With Platinum, you’ll have no more worries analysing economic data. You’ll be trading the major pairs like the GBP/USD with a finesse and confidence that you may not previously have thought possible. Our news trading strategy is simple and effective, as all good strategies should be.

Join Platinum today, and you can learn our news trading strategy for yourself and extract the profits from the market that you’ve been dreaming of since you started your first demo account. es.

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