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I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend.

You can only be profitable in trading if you make the correct decisions.

Correct decisions can only be made if you follow the principles and why do forex traders fail because they use strategies instead of methodologies.

In Today’s Videos, we would like to show you how Platinum Traders should be trading and how we call levels with perfection!

We traded the Euro and Pound through all the turbulence of the Corona Virus Pandemic which led to the stock markets, falling almost 500 points-The Brexit Agreement backlash and resignation of Sajid Javed and cabinet re-shuffle.

This year so far our Elite Traders have taken some fantastic pips with our Long-Term and Short Term Strategies if you wish to do the same let click below: https://www.platinumtradingacademy.co…

We shall be bringing our New 2020 Algorithm to your desks by the end of March/April this year, so be ready!

Have a Great Start to the week.

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